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Where would you like to go?
Hi, nature lovers. Welcome to Campanyon’s referral program. Found unique places in nature you’d like to stay at? Wanna help us build the world’s largest community of responsible travelers and hosts? Use the link below to refer hosts on Campanyon and get €100 in camp cash to book your next adventures under the stars.Personal link: or to see your personal linkDon’t have a personal link? That’s probably because you haven’t registered yourself as a user on Campanyon yet, or you’re not logged in to your account. Register as a user or just and you should be good to go.

How does it work?


Terms and conditions

In addition to these ‘Travel for free’ program terms and conditions, the general Campanyon terms and conditions and privacy policy and other terms that apply to the use of Campanyon, also apply in participating in the ’Travel for free’ program. Thus, please review the general terms and conditions and privacy policy before participating in this program.The ’Travel for free’ program terms and conditions is as follows:1. Camp cash
Every time a host signs up with your referral link and gets their first completed booking, €100 will be added into your personal Campanyon account under the ‘My camp cash’ section. Your camp cash is at your disposal to use at your convenience for your next bookings.
2. Referred place
We welcome campsites, glampsites, treehouses, huts, cabins, cottages, RV spots, nature resorts, and private land such as farms. For inspiration, have a look at to review our existing hosts.
- The place is set in nature, or in close proximity to great nature surroundings.
- We strongly recommend that toilet facilities are available to campers.
Campanyon reserves the right to refuse a location or an accommodation. Its review is ultimately under exclusive consideration by Campanyon.