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Fournil bio près du canal Blavet

Max. 5 people per unit
Camping spot, RV park, Farm, Eco-friendly, Family friendly, Surrounded by nature
Camping spot description
Between vegetables and cereals (wheat, rye or buckwheat) depending on the season, you will spend the night in the heart of our polyculture farm. Near your pitch, you will have access to sanitary facilities with dry toilets, showers, and a comfortable kitchen and even access to drinking water and electricity.
What you can bring to the spot
Rooftop tent

About the property

Property description
Camping at the bakery!
Facilities property


    Activities nearby
    Canoeing and kayaking
    Speedbike by Andreas Rondahl
    Fishing by Vectorstal
    Wildlife watching
    Secret tip
    Just 4 km from the Kernino farm, visit: St Nicolas des Eaux
    In the heart of the magnificent village of Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux, in a green setting, take a walk on the summer holiday promenade with a breathtaking view of the Blavet. This village at the edge of the water is surrounded by an extraordinary richness in terms of leisure: art in the chapels, hiking, fishing...
    Traveling 3 km on the towpath that runs along the Blavet, you will come across the fascinating Saint Gildas chapel. In its green setting at the water's edge, it is built in the hollow of a rock and is reflected in the waters of the Blavet on the other bank.
    Just 2 km from Saint-Nicolas, the incredible Saint-Nicodeme chapel is suddenly revealed. Impossible to miss its openwork arrow as it imposes by its size and its majesty. Its fountain is unique, it is made up of three basins cut from the same block of granite.
    With family or friends, the Anne Mesia treasure hunt offers an original way to explore the village.
    Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux is an ideal starting point for your sports and leisure activities. On the water, there are many possibilities for water activities: canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, pedal boats or even electric boats. You can also explore our terrain with 5 km, 12 km and 21 km hikes.
    In summer, the Napoleon Express tourist train stops two days a week, a nice way to explore the Blavet Valley in a different way.
    Before leaving, enjoy a drink on the terrace and a galette at the creperie 'Au chalet'
    Bistronomic restaurant: 'Au fil des Saisons'. Dylan, manager and cook of the restaurant, and his team welcome you in a harmonious atmosphere in harmony with traditional cuisine. Fresh and local products will be offered to you in connection with seasonality. Open midday and evening from Wednesday to Sunday. Reservation recommended. ***** 90
    Just 2.5 km from the Kernino farm, visit: Father Nicolas' walk
    Immerse yourself in the heart of a wooded valley for a relaxing family day in symbiosis with nature. Discover fun areas (summer toboggan over 150m; 1 spinning top track for spinning with a buoy; 2 slide tracks in buoys over 40m; 2 giant slides, zip lines, carousels, turnstiles, 8 pedal car tracks, more than 60 traditional wooden games, etc.), a sensory walk that uses 4 senses, animals, environmental awareness.
    At your disposal, several picnic areas in a wooded setting; savory pancakes (lunch), sweet pancakes with flour from the Kernino Farm!! and organic ice cream at any time.
    Just 12 km from the Kernino farm, visit: the Postcard Museum
    Classified as a "Museum of France" since 2017, the Traveling Cardboard, rich in an exceptional collection of old postcards, reveals a "double-sided" Brittany. The thousands of landscapes and scenes of daily life immortalized by photographers as well as the many correspondences exchanged are all testimonies to be discovered. The postcard has not said its last word! End your visit by composing your own digital souvenir postcard. Prices: Full: €5 Reduced: €4 (students, job seekers, RSA beneficiaries) Free for those under 26
    Just 10 km from the Kernino farm, visit: Le Manéguen, one of the seven sacred hills of Brittany
    Le Manéguen, Mane Gwen, "white mountain" in Breton is a wooded hill located on the heights of the town of Guénin. It was once devoid of vegetation, and its rocks glistened in the sun. Culminating at 155 meters, the legend says that in the year 1300 the hill was illuminated with an exceptional whiteness for several days and several nights, which would have earned it its name. This place of wild character and full of mysteries, shelters the "stone of sacrifice" where, it is said, pagan rituals were practiced. A 5 km path allows you to discover the place. The view from the Saint-Michel Chapel offers you a suspended moment. The place is enchanting with its ground covered in fragrant heath and its view of the surrounding countryside. No less than 15 bell towers can be observed thanks to the orientation table.

    Property rules

    Booking rules
    • Check-in
      To be agreed on
    • Check-out
      To be agreed on
    • Arrival allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    • Departure allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    Property rules
    • Barbecue by Gregor CresnarBarbecue allowed
    • No events & parties allowed
    • Pets allowed
    • Wheelchair by Gregor CresnarNot wheelchair accessible
    • We have cats, chickens, and sometimes owls, deer, hares. Your animals are accepted but please keep them away from ours!
      Barbecue allowed under close supervision.
      The place is our workplace. Cereals and vegetables do not like plastic and other waste.


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