Kleppe Strandgaard

Eiken, Norway


Max. 20 people - Size 50 m2
Camping spot, Campsite, RV park, Privately owned property, Quiet, Eco-friendly, Adapted to younger crowds, Family friendly
1000 decare camping site. 

The village Eiken with it's Lake Lygne are known as the pearl of Agder. We like to say that the lakeside Kleppe Strangaard is the pearl of Eiken. The place is closer to heaven than other farms you will find. It hangs like an eagle's nest on steep slopes with Lake Lygne 150m below. Here you will find peace and tranquillity in an historic setting. The remote nature of the location means that this place as remained untouched since before the rampage of the Black Death.

There are a number of hiking opportunities on some spectacular terrains just outside the cabin. A unique cultural landscape with spectacular monuments make pilgrimages even more intriguing and exciting. There is also a rich biodiversity - including Goshawk, Eagles, Osprey, Moose, Wolf, Deer, Owl, Fox, Lynx, Hare and other animals right outside the cabin walls. 

You can among other things experience the local owl family sat in the old oak tree just outside the living room window, "twit twoo's" are heard during summer evenings. Or hear Goshawk crows in the trees by the old cattle road. Just recently I was a spectator to an Osprey that was in combat with two seagulls just by the cabin. 

Wolves are also found just a few hundred meters from the cottage, but this is far rarer. At midnight in February 2016 we heard one happy Lynx couple screaming out, in a beautiful full moon lit evening just down in the steep slopes in front of the cabin. Lynx again watched in February 2021.

Fishing opportunities at Lake Førevatn and Lake Lygne are great and just a short walk away. For fishing we mainly use rods, or fishing nets. Canoes and rowboats are also included. 

The Lake Førevatn has very good swimming opportunities and the sun stays up well into the evening. Here are inlets and islands with smooth coastal rock slopes perfect for swimming, barbecuing, fishing, camping or a night under the stars.

Evenings spent outside the living room walls, with a fire and sunset over Lygnevatnet is beautiful. There are magnificent sunrises and views far away. If you are a morning person then you can witness the sun shining through the window very early both during the summer and winter.

If the weather is bad relax inside the cabin, which is actually an old farmhouse of at least 250 years old. Old handmade log walls and pebbled glass window with unique rose painted interiors are preserved like you could find in many a museum today.

In the countryside you can find countless shepherd cabins, old cattle roads, stone fences, potato cellars, old homesteads, several logged hay barns, remains of big mills, barn that predate 1800 and more. 

The farm of Kleppe is a lakeside farm that lies along Lygnevatnet. The oldest document from the Hægebostad community is from a property transfer on September 29 in 1417. 
The public road was built as late as 1968. Before that time it was only accessible by rowing over Lake Lygne and then a long walk up the steep slopes to the cabin of almost a 200m height difference. The remote location meant that when the industrial revolution arrived in Norway it did not really turn up here, and so makes the landscape and environment as authentic as only a few other places - so you can even dream back to a simple life before the 1400s.
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About the property

Facilities property
  • Drinking water
  • Fire pit
  • Free parking
  • Laundry by StoneHubLaundry
  • Picnic table
  • Playground by Stepan VoevodinPlayground
  • Shower by StoneHubShower(s)
  • Trash cans
  • Warm water
  • Toiletpaper by StoneHubNo toilet(s)
  • No electricity
  • No septic discharge
  • Swimmingpool by StoneHubNo swimming pool
  • Shop by StoneHubNo grocery shop
  • Fridge by StoneHubNo shared kitchen
  • Wifi by StoneHubNo wifi
  • Locker by Ruslan DezignNo lockers
  • Restaurant by Alice DesignNo restaurant


Activities nearby
Canoeing and kayaking
Speedbike by Andreas Rondahl
Fishing by Vectorstal
Skiing and snowboarding
Church by Michael Weibel

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Booking rules
  • Check-in
    after 10:00
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    before 12:00
Property rules
  • Pets allowed
  • Events & parties allowed
  • Wheelchair by Gregor CresnarNot wheelchair accessible
  • No 24/7 Surveillance


Eiken, Norway

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