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Arctic Dome Valdres Fjellbris

Max. 4 people per unit - 1 bedroom
Accommodation, Glampsite, Eco-friendly, Family friendly
Accommodation description
The domain of the Arctic Dome Valdres is located close to Jotunheimen's entrance gate in Vang in Valdres - 1150 masl. A unique accommodation option where a small piece of luxury and comfort meets you with nature up close.

The dome is located in a private mountain area and has a very spectacular nature and views around it. Here everything is ready for a memorable experience!

Welcome to the mountains!

 The place {/ b}
Domen Fjellbris can accommodate a maximum of four people where it has a large double bed and two chairs that can be turned into comfortable beds. There are also duvets and pillows, but you must bring your own bed linen.
The dome also has a dining table with four chairs and a small cozy nook. The dome is also equipped with a multifuel stove that heats well. There are also four lamps that run on solar cell as well as several log lights on battery. There are also opportunities to charge your mobile at the photovoltaic system.

Next to the dome we have built a small kitchen with a storage room. Inside the kitchen there is all the equipment you need to cook good food. This consists of gas stove, gas refrigerator, sink, countertop and everything from cutlery, plates and glasses.
There is also a water tap just outside the dome with good and fresh mountain water.

The dome itself is located on a large cladding with outdoor furniture (where pillows are inside the shed) and gas grill. Here you can enjoy the view on nice days. There are also outdoor lights on the cladding.

 Access {/ b}
From E16 it takes about 15 min and drive up to the dome. The road up is a typical steel road that stretches from 500 masl to 1150 masl. The road is a bit steep in a few places, but this is rarely a problem among our guests, but something we think is fine and inform about. We recommend having a car that is high up. We offer rides up, but this must be agreed in advance. There is parking 150 meters in from the dome.

About 50 m from the dome there is an outdoor toilet.

It is not allowed with animals inside the dome for allergy reasons. If you want to bring a dog with you, this must therefore be outside or in a separate cage / blanket inside the dome.

Around the dome you can often see both sheep and reindeer wandering around in the mountains. There are also several different fishing lakes within walking distance of the dome it is possible to fish in. Some of the lakes you must have a fishing license in, but we can help with this. Since the mountain area is private, there are no marked trails, but the hiking opportunities are endless.
What most people have given feedback on after spending a night, or more, in the dome is that it has been a wonderful and memorable experience. This is not a hectic cabin field and the resting heart rate will show up pretty quickly when you get up there.

 The area {/ b}
The dome is located in the mountain village Vang municipality. Other well-known places around that are possible to drive to are Filefjell, Tyin and Eidsbugarden where the hiking possibilities are endless. The area around the dome is untouched with several different mountain peaks you can visit. One of the most famous is Hødntind which is written on the map you will find in the dome in the information booklet. Kongevegen over Filefjell is also possible to visit where it extends over the village just below the mountain area you are in.

 Other things worth noting {/ b}
In the dome you will find an information booklet with everything you need to know. Including information on things to do before leaving the dome as well as a map of the hiking area and fishing lakes in the mountains around you.

Gas / propane is included in the price.
You must bring your own bed linen.
Accommodation type
Facilities accommodation
    Safety amenities accommodation
    • Smoke detector
    • First aid kit
    • No safety box
    • Carbon monoxide detector
    • Fire extinguisher

    About the property

    Property description
    Arctic Dome Valdres is perhaps one of Norway's most majestic accommodation options. At the foot of Jotunheimen, over 1,000 meters above sea level, you will find two fantastic Arctic Domes that offer both luxury and impressive nature.
    Arctic dome Valdres - Exclusive location with comfort 
    Here you are completely alone with raw nature, far from the nearest cabin with only nature as far as the eye can see. Arctic dome valdres consists of two different domes, one with room for two and one with room for four people.
    Each dome stands on a large platform with seating, giving you plenty of space to enjoy nice summer days or the sunset after a day in the mountains. Next to the dome, a building has been built with a kitchen fully equipped with everything you need to prepare a delicious meal. Inside the domain you will find a large comfortable double bed with comfortable duvets and pillows as well as a sitting area. The dome is heated with gas and there is a solar cell system that can provide electricity to charge mobile phones and lamps. At Arctic Dome Fjellbris, in addition to the above, you have two chairs that can be converted into extra beds and an outdoor hot tub that guests can enjoy during their stay. Both Arctic domains in Valdres can be heated all year round with installed gas stoves.
    Here you really get away from the stress and tension of everyday life, both domes are in a quiet place with no view of each other.
    The background for Arctic Dome Valdres?
    The brothers Øyvind and Åsmund have lived their whole lives exploring mountains and fishing in the mountain home. Eventually they got a vision to bring more people to this area as they got older. Before they came up with the idea to build Arctic Dome Valdres, their initiative started with offering fishing expeditions in lakes. The feedback from customers who have already visited the domain has been very positive, and they are motivated by the thought that others can appreciate the same unique experiences they themselves had many years ago.
    The area around Arctic dome Valdres
    To get up to the Arctic dome Valdres, you have to drive a typical steep steel road about 600 meters up from the valley. The domain located on a private mountain area, known as Jonskør is at the gate to Jotunheimen. From both domains you have a unique view, towards the mountain home you can see Suletinden, Stølsnøse and Hødntind, among others, while you look down to the eye and over to Filefjell.
    As Arctic dome Valdres is located in the middle of nature on the border with Jotunheimen, there is a rich wildlife right outside the dome. Here you can see everything from reindeer to foxes and sheep grazing.
    In terms of activities, you have everything you can think of, from mountain tours for your feet, to summit tours with and without skis. Hugakøllen in Vang is an easily accessible tour that offers views of Vang and the mountain home of Jotunheimen on a clear day. If you are looking for longer walks, Grindane is one of the most beautiful walks in Valdres, with a view over almost the whole of Jotunheimen. Of the top skiing tours, Skogshorn is a great tour if you have been on a few tours before, with the entire trip above the tree line. Skørsnøse close to Arctic Dome Valdres is also easily accessible for experienced hikers. In terms of hiking, there are a number of hikes that you can reach right outside the dome. There are also a number of fishing lakes within walking distance.
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      Activities nearby
      Speedbike by Andreas Rondahl
      Fishing by Vectorstal
      National parks
      Wildlife watching
      Secret tip
      The mountain area is private and there are therefore no marked trails for the tours, but the area is clear and easy to find your way around. The Dome will contain descriptions of fishing lakes and the tours we recommend as well as a hiking map of the mountain area. In some of the fishing waters, a fishing license is required, but we can help with this.
      For some of the trips, it may be relevant to drive further into the mountain home, so that the trip is not too long. From the Dome and inwards, the road is in slightly worse condition than the road up to the Dome, so you will need a car that is high up.

      Property rules

      Booking rules
      • Check-in
        14:00 - 21:00
      • Check-out
        before 12:00
      • Arrival allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
      • Departure allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
      Property rules
      • No events & parties allowed
      • Pets allowed
      • Wheelchair by Gregor CresnarNot wheelchair accessible

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