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Natuurkampeerterrein de Groene Hen (autovrij)

Max. 6 people per unit
Camping spot, RV park
Camping spot description
De Groene Hen camping site is car-free and has the theme 'Gardening'
With this part of the camping site we are affiliated with St. de Groene Koepel.
More information about this foundation can be found at: www.natuurkampeerterreinen.nl
Also as a guest you are or become a member of the Groene Koepel foundation, take your membership card with you or tick when booking that you would like to become a member with us. In the center of the field you will find a Dome greenhouse, which fits in well with the gardening theme on this field. You can meet each other in the Dome greenhouse or, for example, give a yoga class. Do you like cuttings? Take them with you! Then you can trade with your fellow garden campers.
Do you like to light a fire? There is a central fire pit.
Near the Natuurkampeerterrein is a large meadow where you can also meditate or take a walk.
You will also find two hikers' cabins on this field and you can spend the night in the garden shed 'Ieniemieniehuisje' or De Ton.

Please note: The rate includes camping equipment, car (in the parking lot), extra small tent, electricity, hot water and toilet paper. Excl. tourist tax at €1.25 p.p.p.n. (from 12 years) this must be paid on location.
What you can bring to the spot
Rooftop tent

About the property

Property description
Camping De Blauwe Haan in Drenthe says it is 'a melting pot of idiosyncrasy'. The lively and green campsite for young and old is open all year round. The summer is full of activities for children and, although the facilities are limited in winter, you can enjoy nature in peace. De Blauwe Haan was founded in 1963 and is now in the hands of granddaughter Janneke, who does everything she can to make Camping De Blauwe Haan as circular and sustainable as possible.

Sustainability at Camping De Blauwe Haan
Camping De Blauwe Haan is a green campsite in the heart of Drenthe that attaches great importance to sustainability. For example, 100% sustainable energy is used by means of a pellet stove and solar panels. The sanitary building is made with as much recycled material as possible from the campsite and the herb garden provides the restaurant.

Facilities at De Blauwe Haan
There are plenty of facilities at Camping De Blauwe Haan. Get to know the other campers in the cozy canteen 'De Huiskamer', where you can drink a cup of coffee or enjoy the sun on the terrace. Freshly baked bread is available daily in the croissanterie. Food trucks also regularly visit during the holidays.

For children there are playgrounds with slides and a castle with maze. For the colder months and when it rains, there is an indoor play paradise with a climbing wall and play equipment. There is also a swimming pool with water sprinklers and a slide. For the little ones there is a toddler pool. In addition to the facilities for children, there are also all kinds of activities in the summer months and school holidays.

Campsites at De Blauwe Haan campsite
Every camping spot on the site has access to water, drainage and electricity up to 10 Amps. The camping site is partly car and dog-free, but if you want to have your car next to the tent, there are also more spacious pitches. Pets are also welcome at the designated camping spots.

De Groene Hen nature camping site
De Blauwe Haan campsite has recently opened a second site; Nature camping site De Groene Hen. This campsite is completely car-free and has a gardening theme. Centrally located on the field is a dome greenhouse where not only gardening is done, but yoga classes are also given. There are also two hikers' cabins and a garden shed available for overnight stays on the nature camping site.

Accommodation: special overnight stay
In addition to the camping site, you can spend the night at De in various accommodations, such as bungalows, domes and glamping tents. These accommodations can also be found on Campanyon.

Camp in the middle of Drenthe's nature
The surroundings of camping site De Blauwe Haan are pure nature. The campsite is located on the edge of the Oosterzand and Westerzand nature reserves. From your camping spot you are directly in the forest and you can explore the heaths and deciduous forests on foot or by bike. It is an excellent area for bird watching. Birds of prey such as Eurasian falcons and honey buzzards can regularly be seen here, as well as little owls and songbirds. Other forest dwellers include the deer, weasel, stoat, and badger.

The surroundings of our campsite are a feast for the eyes. We are located on the edge of the Ooster- and Westerzand nature reserve. The area is characterized by endless heaths and vast forests. From your camping pitch you are almost immediately in the middle of the forest. The perfect place for the real nature lover!
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    Horse riding
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    Property rules

    Booking rules
    • Check-in
      after 14:00
    • Check-out
      before 12:00
    • Arrival allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    • Departure allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    Property rules
    • Pets are allowed on some camping fields if they are kept on a leash. A few camping fields are pet-free, as are the accommodations.


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