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Ecoaldea Espiral Vegana

Max. 33 people per unit - Max. length tent or vehicle 3m
Camping spot, Private owner
Camping spot description
Nature, no Wi-Fi, river, waterfalls, swimming pools, mobile phones are only in the sleeping area and without internet, mountains, it never snows, height above sea level of 350m, we permanently have visits and many free activities, no radiation, only vegan food, a very healing space due to the amount of quartz that is underground. To feel at peace. We are only open from February 25th to November 1st. Pets are not accepted.
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About the property

Property description
River with swimming pools, nature, trees, paths for walks and hikes, magical spaces, free and open activities, retreats
Facilities property


    Activities nearby
    Church by Michael Weibel
    Secret tip
    Porto, Guimaraes, Viana do Castelo, Barcelos

    Property rules

    Booking rules
    • Check-in
      after 16:00
    • Check-out
      To be agreed on
    • Arrival allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    • Departure allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    Property rules
    • Events & parties allowed
    • No pets allowed
    • Wheelchair by Gregor CresnarNot wheelchair accessible
    • It is a community. When the visitor confirms their visit, the Espiral Vegana Ecovillage sends the visit confirmation with the exact address where we are to pick up the people who have a confirmed visit. That is to say, the visitors do not come directly to the Espiral Vegana Ecovillage, but rather we pick them up at the meeting point and they leave the car at that meeting point, because CARS CANNOT GET TO THE Espiral Vegana Ecovillage. On all the days that the visit lasts, outside or inside the property, we do not consume alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco, drugs, or mate and the food is only 100% vegan. Lunch and dinner are communal, we only eat what has been cooked, we don't bring anything private to the table. Our food is vegan, mostly BIO and we follow the compatibility of food, if you can bring fruit that is not BIO. All these foods that are indicated above do not enter the ecovillage, if it is not fulfilled, then your visit ends. For reasons of maintaining the ecological balance of such a natural space full of wildlife (otters in the river, badgers, royal buos, lizards, etc.), we do not accept visits from pets.
      Competitive games are not accepted in the ecovillage: cards, balls, competitive board games. In the ecovillage there are cooperative board games, many activities are done all the time and the space is a true paradise with a river and pools for bathing, walks, night activities by the fire or under the stars, etc.
      We are only open for visits, from February 25 to November 1.


    Cabeceiras de Basto, Portugal

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