Campanyon og Owayy fusjonerer🎉
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Avkopplande cirkusvagn från 50 talet ute på en äng
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Om dette stedet

Welcome to an environment where you get the opportunity to relax/unwind.

At Kastanjegården, which is a classic half-timbered farm from the 18th century, there is now an old circus wagon that has been carefully renovated with recycled materials in a meadow where cows used to go, where it is laid out for a quiet stay without distractions.

Solar panel that powers interior lighting and a guaranteed flicker-free environment.

Surrounded by fields with fantastic views.

There is also a cafe and a thrift store on the farm.


The accommodation

The carriage is placed outside in a meadow and is renovated with 100% recycled materials and is free of disturbing details. Only what is necessary is available to make your stay as undisturbed as possible. Bed only.

There is no heat in the carriage, but there are blankets, but please bring extra warm night clothes.

The van does not have 230v electricity, but there is the possibility to charge a computer by the outdoor kitchen.

A solar panel is connected with simpler lighting and the possibility of USB charging in the cart.

The toilet is a classic outdoor toilet 50 meters from the room. Outdoor shower with hot water approx. 20 meters from the room. Everything built with recycled materials.

Guest access

You have the cart all to yourself and the area around it.

Own large outdoor kitchen under roof with good possibilities for cooking and dining area.

Other things to note

It is a farm with other animals, so unfortunately we cannot allow pets during your stay.

There is a dry bath and an outdoor shower.
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Bed by StoneHubLaken
Barbecue by Jorge MallGrill
Fridge by StoneHubKjøkken
Shower by StoneHubDusj
Toiletpaper by StoneHubToalett
Towels by StoneHubHåndklær
Kettle by Naufal HudallahVannkoker
Gratis parkering
Fridge by StoneHubFelleskjøkken
Offentlig transport
Shower by StoneHubDusj(er)
Servise og bestikk

Ikke inkludert

  • Toiletpaper by StoneHubToalett(er)
  • Varmtvann
  • Hengekøye
  • Heating by StoneHubOppvarming
  • Bonfire by StoneHubVedovn
  • Frokost inkludert
  • Badestamp
  • Wifi by StoneHubWifi
  • Laundry by StoneHubKlesvask
  • Gråvann
  • Bålplass
  • Playground by Stepan VoevodinLekeplass
  • Swimmingpool by StoneHubSvømmebasseng
  • Restaurant by Alice DesignRestaurant
  • Shop by StoneHubDagligvarebutikk
  • Badstu
  • Gårdsprodukter
  • 24/7 overvåking
  • Dusj(er) med mynter
  • 4G Internet
  • Svart vann drenering
  • Gapahuk
  • Badestamp
  • Bakeri
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Innsjekking: 14:00
Utsjekking: Avtalt tid

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Avbestillingsregler: Fleksibel

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