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Camping on a farm campsite in the Netherlands

Camping in the Netherlands

Discover where to go camping in the Netherlands. Find and book the best campsites, farm campsites and farmstays, RV parks, and glamping sites.

The Dutch Love camping in the Netherlands

Ask any Dutch how they spent their holidays when they were young and chances are that they’ll fondly recall the camping trips during the summer holidays. Maybe to Spain, to France, and to Italy – but definitely in the Netherlands. Camping in the Netherlands is the Dutch’ favorite way of getting out there and rediscovering the countryside. With camping being so popular comes a lot of quality offer in campsites, from micro campsites  to nature and farm campsites. Perhaps most popular of all are the campsites in the dunes of the Dutch islands, the waddeneilanden. If you love getting sand between your toes, Texel is a must visit for camping in the Netherlands.

Campsite de Vlisterhoeve in the Netherlands

Camping by bicycle

There’s probably no other country as explorable by bicyle as the Netherlands. Not only is it the ideal size to traverse bi-paddleing, but the whole country has a dense network of cycling roads and routes. Pretty much any road that is not a highway has a seperate cycling lane or road, as do parks that are inaccessable to vehicles. And the country is  flat – no mountains to conquer with tent and sleeping gear! Everyone cycles in the Netherlands, so why shouldn’t you? Pack your backpack, bring a tent, and create an itinerary of campsites in the Netherlands to cycle past.

Bicycle on a farm field with sheep in the Netherlands

A land of wind and water

The Netherlands is a country of wind and water. The Dutch learned to make the best of those elements with their canals, dykes, and windmills. And with sails and kites, too. The windswept lakes and North Sea are the perfect playground for sailing, wind surfing, and kiting, all three of which are widely practised in the Netherlands. Many campsites on the coast and near the lakes are frequented by people who make sport of the wind on water. Often, these campsites can accommodate campers who want to learn a watersport because of partnerships with surf and kite schools.

A man kite surfing on a Dutch lake

Insider tips for camping in the Netherlands

View of a windmill and clouds in the Netherlands

“Few things are as unpredictable as the Dutch weather. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the weather forecast. Don’t not go camping because of some rain. Just like that, the clouds can open up. Make sure to have space in your tent to spend some time inside and bring a book. Plan an indoor visit for when the weather turns sour.” 

- Hans, 24

een farm and farm field in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are a farming country. A lot of our farmers offer their land for camping, especially outside of the Randstad. The countryside of Zeeland, Brabant, and Friesland are full of farm campsites. Not only are farmers more than happy to welcome you on their land, but staying at a farm also makes for a quintessential Dutch experience.”

- Aline, 46

Girl goes glamping on Dutch campsite in the Netherlands

“The Dutch love to go camping in the Netherlands, especially in summer. Make sure to book camping spots in time before high season if you want to secure a pitch at a popular campsite. Outside of high season, you can actually easily find a pitch anywhere for the weekend on a Friday afternoon. Even on national and school holidays!”

- Rosalien, 39

Camping Netherlands: find the best ways to camp

A green campsite in the Netherlands


Camping is huge in the Netherlands, which means you can find all types of campsites in this small country. Getting in touch with Dutch nature starts with staying at green campsites in the Netherlands, like nature campsites and micro campsites.

A farm campsite in the Netherlands

Farm campsites

The quintessential Dutch countryside of windmills, green farmland, canals and dykes also happens to be very accessible to campers. Many Dutch farmers love having campers over on their land and have opened farm campsites in the Netherlands.

Glamping accommodation in the Netherlands


The Dutch love glamping in the Netherlands as a way to spend a weekend or short holiday outdoors. You can find glamping on campsites, small glampsites or private glamping accommodations throughout the Netherlands.

Camping Netherlands: popular camping destinations in the Netherlands

Een camper op het platteland in Zeeland

Camping Zeeland

Water, water, water. Gezien de diepe verbondenheid van de provincie met de zee is kamperen in Zeeland een unieke ervaring en inkijk in de Nederlandse cultuur. Tip: probeer eens te kajakken of een sloep te huren tijdens een verblijf op camping Oest Farm & Stay.

A lighthouse on the Dutch island of Texel


Op de veerboot naar Texel is het afscheid nemen van de normale gang van zaken en begint het kamperen op Texel. Het eiland heeft een bijzondere natuur, met witte stranden waar zeehonden graag komen en uiterwaarden waar allerlei vogels neerstrijken.

Twee wandelaars die uitkijken over Terschelling

Terschelling camping

Vind een camping op Terschelling, het derde van de Westfriese eilanden. Het eiland is minder druk bezocht dan Texel en zeer dun bevolkt, wat dit prachtige strookje land gevormd door zand en de Noordzee nog uitzonderlijker maakt.

Prachtig meer in Noord-Holland


Niet iedereen denkt aan Noord-Holland als kampeerbestemming, maar wie wil er niet een tent opzetten bij een zandstrand of op het groene boerenland als je in Noord-Holland kampeert? Verblijf op een boerencamping in de buurt van Volendam.

A path to a campsite in Limburg


The Dutch, too, regard the province of South Limburg as exotic. The hills, language, and weather all indicate that camping in Zuid-Limburg is a holiday away from the ‘usual’ Netherlands. The nature around B&B 'Op de Kleijne Hei' proves just that.

A deer on the wild plains of the Veluwe in the Netherlands


The Veluwe is the heart of nature in the Netherlands. The vast landscape inhabited by European bison makes for a true wilderness. Try camping in the Veluwe and discover a natural camping Netherlands. Try off-grid campsite Het Lage Veld!

A turf hut for camping in Drenthe in the Netherlands

Camping Drenthe

Drenthe is covered with peat swamps, heathlands, sand drifts, and ancient dolmens. Come camping in Drenthe to immerse yourself in its varied landscape and see the ancient side of the Netherlands. At Vakantiepark De Toffe Peer, you can stay in a real turf hut that characterises camping in Drenthe!

Llamas in Friesland

Camping in Friesland

Masters of the water and humble farmers, the Frysians are proud and welcoming people. That’s why camping in Friesland is a great idea. Stay at a farm or near a Frysian lake for a truly local experience. Stay at Hoeve Noordveld and cuddle cute llamas!

Camping BuitenhofHilvarenbeek in Brabant

Camping Brabant

The southern province of Noord-Brabant is the country’s most welcoming, with a great mix of southern Dutch culture and undisturbed nature when you go camping in Brabant. Camping Buitenhof Hilvarenbeek is a true paradise of nature and biodiversity and with plenty of space for campers.

Frequently asked questions about camping in the Netherlands

Is the Netherlands good for camping?

The Dutch have made their country very accessible and camper friendly. That’s because camping is immensely popular in the Netherlands, with many unique campsites in the small and densely populated country. It’s precisely because many Dutch people live close to each other in cities that makes the freedom and space of camping in nature so attractive. In fact, one in nine Dutch households owns a camper or caravan – that’s the highest percentage in the world!

Can you camp anywhere in the Netherlands?

Wild camping in the Netherlands is strictly forbidden and camping illegally can get you a 150 euro fine. With the country’s dense population and increasing urbanization, protecting nature and wildlife is prioritized above the right to wild camp. For that same reason, the few areas designated by the state forestry for wild camping have been closed. On the other hand, the demand for camping in nature is growing in the Netherlands. You can find an increasing amount of nature campsites and farm campsites. These campsites allow campers to stay in private nature and pitch a tent as they would wild camping. Besides, you can find campsites across the country – so while wild camping is not allowed, you can camp anywhere in the Netherlands.

Can you camp in a tent in the Netherlands?

While you’re not allowed to wild camp in the Netherlands, tent camping is very popular at campsites. Tent camping at nature campsites and farm campsites is especially popular among nature lovers. Tent camping is also very popular on cycling holidays.

Is camping safe in the Netherlands?

Because wild camping in the Netherlands is not allowed, camping is very well regulated at campsites. Dutch campsites adhere to safety standards and are clean and maintained, making camping safe in the Netherlands.

How much does camping in the Netherlands cost?

Prices for camping in the Netherlands are slightly cheaper than in countries like France, Spain, and Italy. On average, a pitch at a campsite in the Netherlands costs a little less than 40 euro per night. Tent pitches are often cheaper, whereas campervan travelers pay more. Of course, seasonality and location play a factor in pricing. Farm campsites tend to be much cheaper than some of the bigger, popular campsites.