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Vew over campsite by the sea in Denmark

Camping in Denmark

Find the best areas and places for camping in Denmark.

Camping Denmark: Find the best places to stay for your trip

With stunning landscapes, friendly locals, and unique culture, Denmark is the perfect place to set up camp and explore. From the rugged coastline to the lush forests, there are plenty of authentic campsites to choose from, all offering a special spot in nature.

Why you can trust us when camping in Denmark

Main reasons to go camping in Denmark

1. Unique scenery: From the majestic cliffs of the west coast to the rolling hills of the east, Denmark has some of the most stunning scenery in Europe. Due to its flat and accessible landscape, it’s easy to find the perfect camp spot for the night. In Denmark, there’s no shortage of great places to pitch a tent or park the campervan for the night.

​​2. Relaxing culture: The country is praised for its unique culture, and it’s easy to see why. From traditional Danish food to relaxing beach days, idyllic towns, and the laid-back coastal lifestyle, there’s something for everyone.

3. Fresh and coastal climate: Denmark is known for its fresh air and coastal picturesque scenery that is fit for watersports as well as beach walks year around.

Rolling hills camping landscape in Denmark

4. Danish hygge: Denmark is known for the concept of hygge, which is all about taking the time to relax, enjoy the simple pleasures of life and make it cozy despite external factors. It is often associated with warm blankets, candles, and a cup of hot chocolate. Camping Denmark is the perfect way to experience this unique way of life.

5. Stunning Danish campsites: Denmark has some of the most authentic campsites in Europe. From the breathtaking beaches of the North Sea to the lush forests in the south, there’s an incredible variety of nature you can choose to camp in. You can also find plenty of campsites in the cities, which are great for those who want to explore the culture and attractions of Denmark.

Campervan showcasing danish hygge with cosy candles and lights

Popular types of camping in Denmark

Small campsite in denmark


Denmark is a great destination for camping, with over 400 campsites located throughout the country. The majority of campsites in Denmark are located in rural areas, offering a peaceful and scenic environment for camping. Marielyst Familiecamping is a great example of a natural authentic campsite in the middle of nature in Falster.

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Tent at tent pitch

Tent pitches

Camping with a tent in Denmark is the ultimate nature experience. The flat landscape creates lots of opportunities for camping, but we suggest trying to find a spot with some shelter from the wind in the many “green dunes”. In Denmark, you have to pitch a tent in designated campsites or camp spots. We suggest checking out some with spectacular nature at your doorsteps such as Livø Camping, or Camping Mønbroen.

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Looking out from the van from a private motorhome site in Denmark

Motorhome sites

In Denmark, it's generally illegal to park your campervan or motorhome outside campsites. However, this does not mean you can’t get unique motorhome camping experiences in the wild. We suggest exploring authentic camping farms such as Ny Vestermark, Skovgården and Blikgården. Or explore smaller natural RV sites such as Ærøskøbing Camping, Svinkløv Camping or Tolne Camping.

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Road to idyllic farm camping in Denmark

Farm Camping

Denmark's countryside awaits iconic farmhouses and an open and welcoming culture. In recent years, many farms have opened offering authentic camping and extra services such as local farm products or cuddling farm pets. At Danish camping farms, you can find both provided accommodations like the tipis at Kildevej Natur camp, and glamping tents at Rudkøbing or Teglværkspladsen. As for cozy farm camping, we suggest exploring Stærmosegård Oase, Rishøjgård or Lilbygård farm camping.

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Couple eating breakfast in after camping in a shelter


Due to the Danish landscape, camping is often exposed to wild weather and winds. It’s one of the main reasons why shelter camping has become so popular on the Danish isles. Throughout the country, you can find wooden shelters with a fixed roof and three closed sides, with an open front that usually faces the opposite direction of the common winds. You usually bring your own sleeping bag and gear and stay in the provided hut. Check out some of the shelters at Haldbjerg Naturcampus, Hjortdal Dyrefarm, Åmose natur camp and Bindesbølgård.

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Camping yurt in the middle of a field

Yurt camping

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor experience, you can try camping in a yurt. Yurts are round tents made of canvas and wood, and they are becoming increasingly popular in Denmark. They provide a great way to experience the outdoors in a comfortable and cozy way. Explore yurt camping in this authentic yurt near Gudhjem.

3 steps to go camping in Denmark

Insider tips for camping Denmark

Two kayakers in calm sea water

“Get a kayak and explore the 6 km of Møns Klint coastline. The chalky white cliffs are breathtaking, especially when seen from the turquoise water. The Baltic Sea here is very calm, so you don’t have to be an experienced sea kayaker to enjoy this unique experience.”

- Camilla (34)

Picnic set up outside a campervan that brings the ultimate danish hygge

"When in Denmark, live like the Danes – bring Hygge into your camping experience. Being in the wild doesn't feel primitive as long as you have the tools to make your surroundings comfortable and charming. Make sure to bring some accessories to make your trip cozy no matter the external conditions. Add items such as blankets, candles, a good mug, and a picnic basket or other extras to make your trip extra special."

Mette (36)

Girl getting dressed for being outdoors in all sorts of weather

"When going camping in Denmark it's key to be prepared for all kinds of weather no matter the season. Bring a wind-and-waterproof tent, warm sleeping bag, and warm and windproof layers."

Kristian, (34)

Popular destinations for camping in Denmark

Lighthouse on Sjælland, Denmark

Camping in Zeeland

Zealand, or Sjælland as it is called in Danish, is the largest island in Denmark. It’s home to some of the most beautiful camping spots in the country. Between the stunning beaches on the east coast and the deep forests in the north, you will find endless possibilities to enjoy nature. Fishing, kayaking, cycling, and hiking are some of the most popular outdoor activities in Sjælland.

White sandy trail going to the beach in Bornholm, Denmark

Camping in Bornholm

The Danes call Bornholm the Sunshine Island and songs refer to it as the nicest holiday island. Needless to say, this small island off the coast of Denmark in the Baltic Sea is a great destination for camping. With stunning beaches, picturesque villages, and unique culture, it’s the perfect place to get away from it all. The island offers a vast range of local food, beverages and sweets, and has some of the best sand beaches in Denmark. Make sure not to miss Bornholm!

Sheeps in Samsø

Camping in Samsø

This small island is a big spot for camping in Denmark. Samsø is full of stunning views and, with a peaceful atmosphere across the island, it’s the perfect place to get away from it all. Samsø is known for its coasts with steep slopes, deep valleys and glacial gorges, as well as amazing potatoes known as the Samsø kartofler. Samsø is Denmark’s vegetable garden and farming is an important way of life. While camping in Samø you will get plenty of opportunities to enjoy the island’s quality food.

Beach in Funen, Denmak

Camping in Funen

The third-largest island in Denmark is home to rolling hills and quaint villages. It sits in the middle of Denmark, between Zealand and southern Jutland, and is a fairytale island to explore while camping in Denmark. Think of half-timbered houses, manors and castles that dot the landscape between forested hills, beautiful bays, and over 1100 kilometers of cycling roads.

Camping farm in Jutland, Denmark


Jutland is the country’s largest peninsula in Denmark and home to some of the best camping spots in Denmark. The mainland part of Denmark ranges from stunning beaches of the west coast, through barren heaths in Central Jutland, to forests and rich agricultural land further east. Western and Northern Jutland in particular, are home of some of the most popular camping areas in all of Denmark and are a great place to experience outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking and more.

Camping on floating shelter in Copenhagen

Camping in the capital - Copenhagen

As the capital and heart of Danish culture, Copenhagen is a great place to start your camping adventure in Denmark. It’s where the country’s unique culture, delicious food, and stunning architecture all come together. Copenhagen is the perfect place to experience the best of the Danish vibrant lifestyle, like on this floating camping shelter in the city center.

Rules and norms for camping in Denmark

The rules for camping in Denmark are relatively straightforward. Campers must stay in designated camping areas and must not camp on private property. Campers must also follow the local laws and regulations, such as limited noise levels and fire safety.

When camping in Denmark, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

- Be aware of the local wildlife and take necessary precautions when camping near animals.

- Be prepared for sudden changes in temperature.

- Know the local laws and regulations and respect them throughout your camping trip.

- Be aware of the culture and be respectful of the local customs and traditions.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your camping trip in Denmark is an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Danish weather and seasons

The weather in Denmark can be quite unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared for any situation. In the summer months, the weather is usually mild and sunny with temperatures between 15-25°C. Summer is usually sunny but the weather can often change to quite windy and rainy, so it’s important to bring wind-protective gear and some rain gear when you go camping. In the winter months, temperatures can drop to freezing, so make sure to bring warm clothing and a sleeping bag rated for cold weather.

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Frequently asked questions about Camping in Denmark

What type of camping is available in Denmark?

There are all sorts of ways to camp in Denmark. There are campsites all across the country, with many of them having designated areas for tents, caravans and RVs. Glamping is popular in Denmark, too, and you'll find unique outdoor stays ranging from yurts to treehouses.

What are the camping regulations in Denmark?

Camping Denmark is regulated by the Danish Nature Agency. Campers must follow all regulations, including not camping in a nature reserve or on private property without permission. Additionally, campers must not leave any litter or damage the environment.

What are the main activities to do when camping in Denmark?

Denmark is a great place for outdoor activities. Popular activities include hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and swimming. Additionally, many campsites offer amenities such as playgrounds, mini-golf courses, and even saunas.

Best time to explore nature and camp in Denmark?

The best time to explore nature and camp in Denmark is during the summer when the country is brimful of green, the weather is good and the seaside is picturesque and enjoyable. But Denmark can be enjoyed year-round if you know how and where to enjoy it. Glamping and outdoor stays that are open in winter are often equipped with extra amenities like fireplaces, wood stoves, and even saunas to keep you toasty. What's more, you will get to hike the countryside while it’s covered in snow.