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Bell tent for glamping in Spain

Glamping in Spain

Come glamping in Spain and connect with nature from the comfort of a luxury tent or outdoor stay.

Why Go Glamping in Spain?

Glamping is short for glamorous camping – it’s sleeping in nature but in a more luxurious and comfortable way than when bringing your own tent. Glamping in Spain is a great way to discover the incredibly diverse nature of this mountainous country. Spain has it all, from palm-lined beaches to snowy mountains and temperate rainforests. Glamping in Spain gives you the possibility to discover Spanish nature at your own pace.

Glamping Spain accommodations are provided by a host and vary from traditional yurts to bell tents and glamping pods. Find fully equipped glamping on countless glampsites and private land, no need to pitch a tent yourself. Some are basic and have a twin bed plus some facilities, while others come with a hot tub and all the comforts of a luxury home. Most glamping stays have electricity, a toilet and shower facilities, and sometimes a kitchenette. Glamping stays can be individual accommodations in the middle of nature or provided on a glampsite with more facilities.

Glamping in Spain is a great way to get out and experience nature without having to prepare or carry a lot of camping gear. It's a great option for weekend getaways and family or group holidays. Glamping is an easy way to be out in nature and discover new places because everything is taken care of.

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Different types of glamping Spain

Whether you’re glamping in Spain or abroad, there are many types of glamping experiences to choose from. From a spacious bell tent to fully equipped safari tents, which type of glamping fits you best?

A bell tent for glamping in Malaga

Bell tents
The bell tent is the most common type of glamping tent used for glamping in Spain. Glamping tents usually fit 2-4 people, but can fit more depending on their size and layout. Bell tents have a central pole and are relatively easy to set up and so often seen at glampsites, like this bell tent with a pool near Málaga.

This mongolian yurt on Lanzarote is a great option for glamping in Spain


The yurt is another type of  popular glamping tent in Spain. Yurts are tougher to set up but are especially spacious and suited for all types of weather. This eco yurt on Lanzarote is a beautiful example of a traditional yurt and fits up to seven people.

A safari tent on the coast of Lloret de Mar in Spain

Safari tents

Safari tents are spacious glamping tents that are well suited for warmer weather because of their open design and front deck. Safari tents can combine canvas with a wooden structure. Stay in this safari tent for 5 people in Lloret de Mar for plenty of space and a proper kitchen.

Glamping Spain: where to go

From glamping getaways near the city to glamping on the Balearic Islands, glamping in Spain is a great way to get in touch with nature in style. Glamping connects you with nature without the hassle of traditional camping. And while you can’t just pitch your tent anywhere in Spain as wild camping is forbidden, you will find glamping stays in some of the country’s most picturesque places.

The coast of Galicia in Spain

Glamping Galicia

Glamping Galicia is a unique experience. Known as the End of the World, the coast with its many inlets has hidden beaches and towering cliffs around every corner. The green and hilly landscape begs to be explored, as do the sleepy towns. And then there’s the seafood – pure tastes from the Atlantic. To get in touch with this amazing region and go glamping in Galicia, stay in this cabin in the heart of the woods.

A glamping tent overlooking the Pyrenees mountains

Glamping Catalonia

For a quintessential glamping experience with sunshine and warm weather, try glamping Catalonia. The proud region doesn’t just have lively beach towns, but also glamping Costa Brava and Glamping in the Pyrenees Mountains. There’s every reason to go glamping in Catalonia, especially in a bell tent on the beach in Alcanar or this glamping tent on the foothills of the Pyrenees.

The landscape of Andalusia in Spain

Glamping Andalusia

The beautiful and exotic region of Andalusia has plenty of sun and glamping stays on offer. Think of green hills, Moorish towns, and flamenco when going glamping in Andalusia. This luxurious bell tent near Málaga has a pool and is at 15 minutes from the historic centre – glamping in Málaga doesn’t get any better! For a different experience near Málaga, stay at this Mongolian yurt under eucalyptus trees. Ronda is another place you must see when glamping in Andalusia. Stay at Casa Verde glamping tent near Ronda.

A spanish girl overlooking nature while glamping in Madrid

Glamping Madrid

Nothing beats a glamping stay for a quick getaway from the city. Glamping Madrid is available at a short distance from the capital, but you couldn’t feel further away from the city when you’re surrounded by nature in a tent.

A view of the Alicante coastline in Spain

Glamping Alicante

Alicante province is ideal for glamping, with its sunny weather, amazing beaches, and easy atmosphere. And we didn’t mention the nature reserves and hiking routes yet! While most stay on the coast, we recommend you stay in this glamping tent in El Jardín de Tonto to have a peaceful spot near nature.

The coastline while glamping in Cadiz

Glamping Cádiz

The coast of Cádiz is popular among surfers and beach goers looking for a destination away from the masses on the Mediterranean coast. From the Bay of Cádiz to Tarifa, glamping Cádiz is a wild and rewarding holiday. Here are some unique glamping Cádiz options: this eco glamping experience in El Palmar de Vejer is lovely and near the beach. This bell tent in Chiclana de la Frontera is another great option for glamping in Cádiz.

Popular destinations for glamping abroad

Glamping is not just a holiday experience the Spanish love, it’s popular all over Europe. Three countries stand out for their natural environment and attractiveness as holiday destinations.

A hiker in the Alps in French


France is a dream destination for many campers. From the Alps to the Pyrenees and from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, French nature is vast and beautiful. Options for glamping in France are rich and diverse, but some types of glamping stand out. Glamping tents abound in France, as do cabins and domes. Tiny houses in France are very popular and you can find gorgeous stays across the country. Check this tiny house on a winery and this tiny house at the edge of the forest and mountains.

Discover glamping in France.

The west coast of the Algarve in Portugal


Glamping in Portugal is on the rise, a country where so much nature remains off the beaten path and where glamping is less about glamour and more reconnecting with nature. That doesn’t mean you won’t be comfortable. On the contrary, there are beautiful glampsites in the south where the weather permits tent glamping for most of the year. You can find many yurts, bell tents, and teepees in the Algarve and Alentejo. North Portugal, too, offers a lot of glamping – especially in glamping pods, bungalows, and other wooden structures.

Discover glamping in Portugal.

A tree house for glamping in Norway


From fjords and mountains to the Northern light, Norway is unique for its natural splendour. Norwegians are incredibly fond of outdoor activities and glamping is their second nature. You will be amazed by the unique outdoor stays on offer. Try glamping in Norway up in a treehouse on a small islet or an Arctic dome overlooking the mountains. When glamping in Norway, don’t think you’re limited to summer. Winter might get cold (and snowy!) but the Norwegians are prepared. Duvets, heaters, and wood stoves are readily available, and perhaps even a sauna.

Discover glamping in Norway.

Glamping FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Glamping

What is glamping?

Glamping stands for ‘glamorous camping' and refers to camping with the luxury and comfort of a bed and other amenities that fit in a glamping tent or accommodation. Glamping allows you to enjoy nature with the comforts of a home or hotel.

Where can I go glamping?

You can find glamping Spain in Catalonia, Andalusia, Galicia and all across the country. Glamping is popular across Europe so there really is no end to the destinations you can pick for glamping. See all locations with glamping here.

What does glamping cost per night?

The average cost of glamping in Spain is around €80 per night, but prices vary depending on the type of glamping stay and the season. Bell tents can cost as little as €50 per night and a glamping accommodation with a hot tub about €100. Glamping is cheaper in Portugal and more expensive in Norway.

What to bring when glamping?

One of the major benefits of glamping is that all amenities are provided. Do bring (warm) clothes, toiletries and outdoor gear to enjoy nature. Depending on the facilities offered in the glamping accommodation, you might have to bring your own towels, linens, and cleaning supplies. If the listing doesn’t mention what’s included, ask the owner before your arrival.

Do you have your own toilet when glamping?

A toilet is always available when glamping. Depending on the type of glamping accommodation, you can either have your own toilet or make use of shared bathroom facilities. Glamping tents rarely have their own toilet, though some have their own outhouse with a toilet. Check the listing of each glamping to find out how the host provides toilet facilities.

Is glamping good for the environment?

Glamping is a sustainable travel option because it is local and small scale. Glamping stays are built with low-impact materials. They are often set up by the local community and contribute to local economies. Glamping and glampsites are small scale, which creates micro tourism that has less impact on the environment.