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Glamping in Norway

Glamping in Norway

Experience the magic feeling of glamping in Norway's pristine nature.

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How is glamping in Norway?

Glamping in Norway consists of a mix of unique overnight stays in, such as glamping domes, treetop cabins, micro houses or glamping tents in unique places in nature. In Norway, the glamping accommodation are often located quite sceduled so you feel you completely alone with nature. As the norwegian glamping hosts are concerned that the the guests' feel that they have privacy and get a good connection with nature. The stays are often more solid and permanent structures than in southern regions, with more insulation to keep them comfortable despite colder weather. Norwegian glamping stays often feature exclusive facilities, and it is not unusual to find glamping with hot tubs, jacuccis or saunas - such as at the mirror gas cabin at Eidsvoll.

​​There are many reasons why you can choose to go glamping in Norway or abroad - from not having to carry a tent and camping equipment, to be more sheltered from the weather or to have a unique experience with someone you love Glamping accommodation often has electricity, either self-supplied or via the network, and some form of toilet and shower, and sometimes a small kitchenette. Glamping stays can be individual accommodation in the middle of nature or offered at a glamping site with several shared facilities such as Notodden Glamping.

As glamping is a great way to get out and experience nature without having to prepare or carry a lot of camping gear, it's a great option for weekend trips with family, friends or a romantic getaway. It's an easy way to be out in nature and discover new places as everything is taken care of for you in terms of conditions - so you can just enjoy the experience.

Different types of glamping in Norway

Explore the different types of glamping accommodations that you can find in Norway. With its breathtaking natural beauty and varied landscapes, Norway is an ideal destination for glamping enthusiasts. From a dome on top of a mountain to authentic treetop cabins, comfortable glamping tents and specially designed micro houses, there's a glamping option to suit every taste. Explore which type of glamping in Norway suits you best.

Dome glamping

This is perhaps the most popular form of glamping in Norway, maybe because you get the exceptional nature right up close. Another reason could be that they can withstand the Norwegian climate better than normal glamping tents. The round domes are often completely or partially transparent, like a glass igloo. They thus offer fantastic panoramic views of nature, which makes them very popular in mountains, lakes, fjords, and other beautiful natural landscapes. This type of glamping accommodation makes it possible to experience the northern lights, a starlights y or close contact with moose or deer - straight from the bed. The unbeatable combination of comfort and fantastic views makes this a popular option for those looking for a unique and special glamping experience in Norway.

Glamping in a dome in Norway

Treehouse glamping

An overnight stay high among the treetops is truly one of the most special and captivating glamping options available. They vary in design and size, all based on the type and size of the trees around which they are built, as well as the skill of the builder. From simple, rustic treetop cabins made of natural materials, like the treehouse in konsmo. It can also be more elaborate and modern structures that include luxurious design and the comforts of a home, like this exclusive treehouse in Sagvåg. There is definitely something for everyone, whether you are looking for a high-altitude escape for the whole family, a group of friends, or a loved one.

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Glamping in a treehouse in Norge

Birdbox glamping

Birdbox accommodation has become increasingly popular in Norway as a form of glamping accommodation, and for good reason. These modern boxes provide excellent shelter throughout all seasons, with a large glass opening that allows the natural beauty to be enjoyed from the comfort of the bedroom. Being small and compact, these buildings still offer modern comforts and amenities such as electricity, heating, and smart storage solutions. This type of glamping accommodation is perfect for anyone looking for a good night's sleep in the middle of nature and a romantic getaway. The boxes are often located in open areas in Norway where there are plenty of birds and other wildlife to observe, such as near a lake or at a viewpoint in the woods, making the experience even more special. A good example is this birdbox in Sunnfjord.

Birdbox glamping under fjellet Storhesten

Tiny houses

These Tiny dwellings are not just novelty vacation destinations; they attest to a current lifestyle concept. People engaging in the minimalistic lifestyle, as well as experienced DIY enthusiast comission their own little tiny homes - living spaces paltry in terms of rental footage yet full of all creature comforts that go into professionally holding down a home. Commonly, these youthfully simplistic structures will be set up on trailers and situated off-grid. ​​Because of their sturdy designs, Norway's west coast is a great destination for staying in Tiny Houses, like this Tiny House in Møre.

Tiny house by the coast in north-west Norway

Glamping tents

Bell tents are most suitable during the summer months in Norway, when the weather is milder. These tents are spacious and can comfortably accommodate 2 to 4 people, although their size and layout can vary to accommodate larger groups. One of the key features of bell tents is their central pole, making them relatively easy to set up. In Norway, glamping tents are often situated in picturesque locations such as farmland or by natural attractions like rivers, fjords, and beaches, like these glamping tents by the fjord in Valldal.

Bell tents at a glampsite in Norway
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Glamping Norway: What to expect and where to go

Norway offers a vast and diverse range of glamping options, so it can be hard to choose where to go. Here are some suggestions for the best places to go glamping in Norway:

The Mountains: Norway is known for its stunning mountains, and dome glamping is particularly popular in this area. You can find dome glamping accommodations in areas such as the Rondane National Park, Jotunheimen National Park and the Trollheimen Mountains. From here you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding nature and observe the northern lights, all while being in the comfort of your own dome.

The Fjords and the West Coast: Norway is also famous for its fjords, and glamping by the fjords is an experience like no other. Bell tents, unique huts and luxurious glamping pods are popular options in this area. Further out on the coast, tiny houses are popular glamping stays to get shelter from the atlantic weather.

The South of Norway: the south of norway has great conditions for glamping all year with milder weather and deep woods, which could be one of the reason this area has the highest density of  which you have lots of treehouses and authentic tent glamping sites.

The North of Norway: With midnight sun during summer and norther lights during the winter, its not with out reason you can find many glamping options offering panoramic views in the north of norway, such as domes and glass cabins. One of our favorites is the glass dome outside Harstad.

No matter where you choose to go glamping in Norway, you will be surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, making your experience unforgettable.

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