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Glamping in Denmark

Glamping in Danmark

Go glamping in Denmark and enjoy glamorous conditions directly in nature.

Different types of glamping in Denmark

Denmark offers a plethora of glamping options to choose from, from whimsical circus wagons huts to rough and rugged safari tents and tipis, or traditional yurts, there's a glamping experience to suit every taste. Decide which type of glamping best suits your style and enjoy an unforgettable glamping experience in Denmark.

Circus wagon glamping

Glamping in circus wagons is a particularly common form of glamping in Denmark, perhaps due to how the unique space allows for lots of creativity to form a unique stay. Circus Wagons are traditional, hand-painted caravans that were once used by traveling circus performers and have since been transformed into stylish and comfortable glamping accommodations. The blend of vintage charm and modern amenities makes glamping in Circus Wagons a unique experience. These wagons are often decorated with whimsical and colorful murals, providing a fun and playful atmosphere, while inside they are equipped with modern comforts like comfortable beds, lighting, and heating.

Glamping tents and safari tents

Glamping tents are often spacious and luxurious, featuring comfortable furnishings, modern amenities like electricity and hot water, and stylish decor that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Safari tents, on the other hand, are often more rugged and rustic, featuring canvas walls, sturdy frames, and a minimalist design that evokes a sense of adventure and exploration. In Denmark, these glamping stays are often set up in secluded, picturesque locations surrounded by stunning landscapes and wildlife, allowing visitors to immerse themselves into the outdoors. This type of glamping creates increased freedom compared traditional camping , as everything from cooking facilities to comfortable furnishings taken care of and travellers can spend more time to relax and enjoying nature.

Bell tent glamping

Tipis and teepees

Tipi glamping in Denmark provides a unique and authentic camping experience that is inspired by the traditional homes of nomadic indigenous peoples. These glamping stays evokes a sense of adventure and exploration, and provides visitors with a glimpse into the simple joys of life and a different lifestyle. Tipi glamping in Denmark are often found at independent farms that provide a local and authentic experience, complete with access to fresh and locally-sourced produce that enhances the taste of the simple life.

Tipi glamping is popular in Denmark

Yurt glamping

Glamping yurt stays in Denmark offer a unique and authentic accomodation inspired by the traditional housing for shelter and transportation homes of Central Asian nomadic tribes. Yurts are round tents made of a wooden frame covered with felt or canvas. On the inside, these glamping stays are spacious and comfortable, usually featuring soft and warm bedding, lighting, and heating to ensure a comfortable stay. In Denmark many come equipped with modern amenities like electricity and hot water, making them a great option for those who want the best of both worlds.

Yurt glamping in a field

Extraordinary glamping stays in Denmark

Denmark offers a diverse range of extraordinary glamping accommodations that provide visitors with a truly unique and unforgettable experience, some of which offers a glimpse into the country's rich history. You can find old lime mines that have been transformed into stylish and modern lodgings, traditional windmills that have been converted into cozy and comfortable stays, and even old school buses that have been reimagined as charming and quirky places to spend the night. These extraordinary glamping stays in Denmark offer a comfortable and stylish stay, with modern amenities and state-of-the-art facilities.

Couple walking in a cave to spend the night

Glamping Denmark: Why and where to go

Denmark offers a range of glamping options, from glamping at pristine milelong beaches to local and sustainable farm glamping experiences in the country side. In addition to the comfort and convenience offered at danish glamping glamping stays, it is also a great chance really experience the local culture and flavors. Many independent glamping hosts in Denmark offer local produce and take pride in sharing the values of danish culture throughout their glamping stays and hosting. There is arguably no better way to embrace the concept of “hygge” than under a blanket, next to a fireplace while Glamping in Denmark.

One of the most popular regions for glamping in Denmark is the on Zealand, or Sjælland as the danes call it. The island has some of the countrys most characteristic landscapes with long white beaches with rolling hills, and several lakes, fjords and streams. Here you can combine cultural heritage with a farm glamping stay at Isfjorden, sleep in the woods at Lillero glamping or have a unique romantic stay at this magical glamping in Ringsted.

The peninsula of Another jutland also offers traditional danish countryside glamping in tranquil and peacefull surroundings. Here you can experience countryside living by staying in this traditional cabin near Tørring in Jutland, a unique city escape with this tiny house just outside Aarhus or the charming wagons at krusmølle glamping.

The South Funen Archipelago, with its stunning landscape, including rolling hills and beautiful lakes, is another popular destination for glamping in Denmark. A stay at this charming danish country cottage is a perfect way to experience the atmosphere in here.

The smaller islands in the south east are also a favored destination for glamping. These islands offer the ideal countryside charm, with small villages and remote beaches. However due to the high demand during summer, you should book early or outside the summer months, in order to secure your stay. At Ærø island you can experience combine waterspotrs and glamping at Teglværkspladsen. At quiet and rural island of Lolland you can stay in authentic tipi tents at Natur Camp Kildevej while near the epic cliffs at Møn a stay at Camønogaardens Glamping or Dark Sky Camp is definitely worth a visit.

If you are looking for a real scandinavian glamping experience, few places are more suited than the island of Bornholm, situated in between Denmark and Sweden. Here you can find authentic Glamping tents at Nordskoven Strand Camping as well as unique yurts near the historical town of Gudheim.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious glamping experience with and state-of-the-art glamping tents and facilities or a more rustic and traditional experience, glamping in Denmark has something for everyone. So, if you are looking for a unique and unforgettable getaway experience, make sure to add glamping in Denmark to your bucket list.