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Hosting guidelines

The following guidelines should help our host community in setting standards, offering their guests the best and safest experience possible, as well as keeping local communities happy. Let’s work together to enjoy what nature has to offer.

We believe in trust

  • Require ID confirmation prior to, or upon, arrival
  • Make sure to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines
  • Read your potential guests’ reviews before agreeing to host
  • Rate your experience after hosting to help other hosts make informed decisions
  • Set a clear, concise set of instructions that you clearly communicate to your guests. Make sure they’re approved prior to their arrival
  • Make sure your insurance policy covers your hosting activity

  • Keep everyone safe

    COVID-19 special measures
    The safety and health of hosts and guests are our top priority. Since the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic, and following the actions taken around the world to slow its spread, we encourage hosts and guests to commit to a list of safety standards. Wearing a mask at all times when interacting with guests, keeping a distance of two meters between yourself and guests, and complying with specific local restrictions must all be observed.
    Help prevent accidents
    You undoubtedly know every cm of your property and environment by heart, but keep in mind that your guests won’t. Be sure to inform them of potential risks around your place - such as wild animals, poisonous mushrooms, cliffs, sea or river currents, potential landslides, or a cracking old tree that’s unsafe for children to play on. Clearly mark and identify spots where guests should show some restraint in their adventuring. You could also consider hiring a third party security service to provide surveillance on your property, which will most assuredly discourage bad behavior.
    Have a plan in case of emergency
    Emergency contact details, the nearest hospital address, where to find a first aid kit: you can never be too cautious. Share all of this information with your guests prior to their arrival, but also make sure they’re visible once they are on site.
    Campanyon doesn’t provide host insurance - yet. Before getting started, consult with your insurance agency or carrier to make sure you are allowed to host, and which obligations and limits your current policy covers for your hosting activities.

    Protect nature

    Answer calls of nature
    It is strongly recommended that there are toilet facilities available to campers. This ensures the disposal of human waste is done in a way that’s legal and environmentally friendly.
    Garbage and recycling
    Waste policies differ from one place to another. Make your guidelines very clear to your guests when it comes to where they should dispose of their garbage, recycling, or compost. A good reminder and rule of thumb is for your guests to leave your space as clean as they found it, and to not leave anything behind.

    Keep your neighbors happy

    If you rent out your garden, or a spot where your guests can easily be heard, make sure to establish quiet hours so your neighbors are not disturbed. If your neighbors happen to be deer and ducks, remind your guests that they’re on their land, and that wild animals also need some peace and quiet.
    We love animals of all kinds! If you’re comfortable with guests bringing pets at your place, simply request that they keep them under control, especially if your land is a popular spot for children or other animals.
    We suggest that you offer off-street parking options to your guests in order to save yourself from unnecessary trouble with your local community.
    Off-property signage
    Unless you live on the moon, your place doesn’t extend to infinity and beyond. Remind your guests of your property limits by putting up off-property signage.

    Comply with local laws and regulations

    Don’t forget to pay your taxes
    If you become a host on Campanyon, you may be required to pay taxes on the income you make. Tax obligations vary (income tax, rental tax, VAT…) and will be based on your particular circumstances. We recommend that you check with the local Tax Administration or a tax advisor regarding your tax obligations. You can easily access your host earnings summary in the Payouts section of your Campanyon account.
    Check the law before hosting
    Overnight stays may be subject to various regulations and permissions, and we want to make sure you are aware of these before jumping on board. Even if it’s your property, local laws might apply and could prevent you from hosting in your area. Check legislation, permits, and restrictions to make sure you can legally become a Campanyon host.

    Enjoy being a host!

    There’s some magic in sharing what you love most with newcomers. As a host, we encourage you to become an active member of Campanyon’s community. Here’s how:
  • Communicate: Stay in contact and be readily available to make your guests feel reassured. Be sure to answer any questions they might have in a timely manner.
  • Keep your calendar up-to-date and your listings accurate to avoid disappointment. There’s construction starting next door? Guests can’t swim in the nearby lake? You’re going away for two weeks on holiday? Don’t forget to reflect it all in your calendar and listing description.
  • Clearly list your rules and make sure that guests are on the same page before they arrive.
  • Be respectful and inclusive: We are in the business of caring for and sharing the nature that we all love, regardless of culture, origin, gender, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Honor your bookings: Cancellations are stressful for your guests. If it’s absolutely necessary to cancel a booking - as a result of an acute illness, accident, or death in the immediate family - please reach out to us by or by emailing us at