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Payments? Easy

Get paid every week via our secure payment system.

How and when do I get paid?

Host payment - we call it payout - is issued every Wednesday at approximately 2pm CET for the previous week’s guest check-ins. Payout is handled via , a PCI-certified and global online payment processing system. It is important to note that payouts are dependent on processing times. If your check-in occurs shortly before the Wednesday payout and our system hasn’t had the time to process it before 2pm, you will receive payout the following Wednesday at approximately 2pm CET. For example: If a guest checks in to your place on a Thursday afternoon, your payout will be initiated the following Wednesday at approximately 2pm CET. The same applies for all of your check-ins that occur before the payout time.It’s simple to set up your payment method in the dashboard, or change your existing payment details. Direct deposit is the only payout option available at the moment, and it typically takes 1-3 business days for payouts to reflect on your bank statement.

Campanyon’s fees

Det er gratis å registrere seg som vert og opprette annonser på Campanyon. For å kontinuerlig forbedre plattformen og utvide fellesskapet vårt, tar vi et tjenestegebyr på 5% per booking gjort gjennom plattformen vår.This means that for each booking, you’ll receive your nightly rate for the number of nights the booking consists of, minus our 5% fees. No other costs are associated with using the Campanyon platform as a host.Keep in mind that your payout may also be impacted by a value-added tax (VAT) or other taxes in applicable regions.


Under the ‘Payouts’ menu in your host dashboard, you can easily access your payout history to see the amount transferred to date, or if anything is outstanding.

Haven’t received a payout?

If you don’t see your funds on your bank statement after the allocated time for payouts following the previous week’s check-ins, there might be two main reasons:
  • Account verification: Please check both your Payouts dashboard and your email inbox. You might have received an email from our payment system Stripe. It could be that we requested additional information from you to complete setting up your account.
  • Additional bank processing time: It typically takes 1-3 business days to process payouts. Depending on your bank and special circumstances - such as holidays - it could take more time. Once your bank has finished processing your payout, the funds will automatically transfer to your account.
  • As always, we’re here to help if you need assistance. Reach out byor by emailing us at