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Our mission: to unlock nature

At Campanyon, what gets us up in the morning isn’t just coffee. At Campanyon we are on a mission to make nature more accessible to anyone who is looking for a new adventure in nature. We are helping you to find your adventure. Together with all our hosts, we spare you the trouble of browsing the web by having gathered some of the most unique nature experiences in Europe – and we’re always ready to walk the extra mile to ensure that you can enjoy the best experience possible! We’re convinced that incredible adventures start with local, sustainable, authentic, and easy travel opportunities. We hope that this space represents that for you, too. If a unique adventure in nature is calling your name, you're in good company here at Campanyon.

Our vision for nature

The unfortunate truth is that we exist in a world where actions are oftentimes inadequate with regard to the current state of our planet. At Campanyon, we’re deeply committed to supporting sustainable initiatives that protect it. Why? Because we believe in the power of nature to bring out the best in all of us: Potential, strong will, openness, solidarity, and empathy. By casting light on the efforts and dedication of our community, we dare to inspire everyone to become nature’s best companion. We strive to show that you don’t have to cross the Atlantic to escape morning commutes, daily planning, and noisy neighbors. Instead, our hosts welcome you to the hidden gems of nature, where you will have unforgettable memories while supporting local communities.

Our values guide our actions

It’s story time

Campanyon was founded in 2020 by the two friends, Kristian and Alexander. Fueled by a mutual passion for the outdoors and nature preservation, both felt it was a hassle to find and book unique stays in nature. Existing booking platforms fell short, and were insufficient in terms of provding available options in nature, while the user experience was too often not centered around stays in nature. This personal frustration led to the birth of Campanyon and an ambition of making nature and its unique hidden gems more accessible was born. Campanyon uses technology to unlock nature. Through the platform, we encourage exploration, adventure, connection, preservation, and protection. Campanyon is our name, camping + companionship is our game. In March 2024, the Danish based nature-focused booking platform, Owayy, and its two founders Magnus and Anton, merged with Campanyon to form the biggest nature focused platform in Scandinavia.

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