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Hage med utsikt utover dalen, solfyllt

Max. 9 people per unit - Size 41 m2 - Max. length tent or vehicle 11m
Camping spot, RV park, Eco-friendly, Family friendly, Private owner
Camping spot description
Here it is mostly relatively quiet and peaceful, however some visitors always take the trip up and il look at what I am doing. As I usually work as an artist and constantly have new projects going on around the site. Sometimes we have parties, or we just come up with something creative, since it is an old farmyard, there are always plenty of things that are done and things change all the time, summer and winter.
What you can bring to the spot
Rooftop tent

About the property

Property description
Here on Moseidhov, centrally located in Gokk, barely eight km north of Evje on the west side of Otra, through an idyllic forested gravel road you come to Moseidhov, at the very end of the road, at the top of the gorge. Here you can park your caravan or caravan and connect, or whatever you want. Here also a gamel barn that can be used for social purposes. Kitchen and bathroom inside the house which also has guest rooms if needed.
I ticked off that there is a playground here, it's right and wrong. No formal playground, but the whole plot and the surrounding area is very child-friendly and often has visiting children who love to crawl around high and low while inventing imaginary worlds. Even a box of lego is available for those who like to just sit down and focus on how the pieces are best connected.
Incredibly scenic surroundings. Heia is right behind the house, and it is an hour and a half walk up to the nearest summit, where you can look far beyond the peaks in the area. Not only that. Locally around the hamlet there are several old tufts from ancient times that are always interesting to see and some fantastic oak trees that have grown mightily out in the woods. Several hiking trails in all directions and the neighbor has familiar horses, and if riding is interesting then it can certainly be arranged by appointment.
Facilities property


    Activities nearby
    Canoeing and kayaking
    Speedbike by Andreas Rondahl
    Fishing by Vectorstal
    Horse by Made
    Horse riding
    Church by Michael Weibel
    Secret tip
    Just across the valley, about four km walk across the river, Troll Aktiv is an up-and-coming leisure center with a number of activities that abound in life throughout the summer. On some dates there may be a barn party here, and then club music is played in the form of house, drum and bass, reggae interspersed with live performances - Then not so family friendly so feel the visiting time!
     Otherwise, there are a number of hidden treasures in shape right around the neighborhood here and we can arrange a guided tour to some of the goodies by appointment. And not to forget that four km north you come to beautiful Byglandsfjord where in summer it is great to swim, or you can participate in sailing with old Bjoren an old steamboat that was used to transport people, cattle and goods up and down the fjord before the road was properly laid out. m.m.

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      To be agreed on
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      To be agreed on
    • Arrival allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
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      Monday to Sunday
    Property rules
    • Events & parties allowed
    • Pets allowed
    • Use common manners, be neat and have some respect and you can go a long way.


    Byglandsfjord, Norway

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