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3 Tentsile Stingray Safari i ett med naturen. På veien opp kjører dere forbi våre Høylandsfe.

Max. 9 people per unit
Accommodation, Farm, Eco-friendly, Family friendly
Accommodation description
Hover tents are a unique way to enjoy nature. The tents are attached to 3 trees, have fixed mosquito net roofs and rain covers that can be removed if you want to lie under the "open sky". Here, memories are created for life and a closeness to nature. We run a farm with organic, grass-fed meat from Highland cattle. How about enjoying short-traveled and sustainable food directly from the farm when you camp. Organic meat and eggs. We have a small farm outlet.
Accommodation type
Tree tent
Facilities accommodation
    Safety amenities accommodation
    • No smoke detector
    • No first aid kit
    • No safety box
    • No carbon monoxide detector
    • No fire extinguisher

    About the property

    Property description
    Floating tent in scenic surroundings
    Is it tempting to fall asleep hovering between the trees with a view of water and starry skies? The sound of silence and calm, only the water in the stream and the bird life that breaks the silence.
    Then we welcome you to our little paradise by Førevatn.
    There are good fishing and swimming opportunities. If you wish, we have canoes that can be rented for an additional price, as well as a fishing license. There are great hiking areas, whether you choose to find your own trails or follow a marked circular trail of 10 km.
    Equipment available in the camp:
     3 Tentsile Stingray Safari
     Espedal fire pan w / coffee pot, pot / frying pan and grill set
     Tables and benches
     Traditional outdoor toilet
     Cowhide from our Høylandsfe as a sleeping pad (optional)
     Light decoration (solar cell)
     Consumables such as dope paper, hand soap, charcoal, firewood, napkins and disposable plates, cups and cutlery in compostable material
    It is about 230 m to walk from the parking lot and up to the camp. We will follow you and show you the camp and what you may be wondering.
    The whole camp is for their use from 14.00 - 14.00 the next day. (or by appointment)
    Capacity 2-9 people (1-3 tents). Children 0-6 years are free.
    Canoe rental: NOK 350 the entire stay
    Fishing license is paid to Førevatn Fiskelag if you want to fish.
    Do you want short-distance and sustainable food? We sell organic, 100% grass-fed meat from Høylandsfe. We recommend Hamburgers and Ramsløkpølser for Svevecampen. Visit our website https://skaregard.no or Facebook Skåre Gård
    We warmly welcome you.
    Facilities property


      Activities nearby
      Canoeing and kayaking
      Fishing by Vectorstal
      Secret tip
      A canoe trip out to one of the small islands to enjoy the sunset.

      Property rules

      Booking rules
      • Check-in
        14:00 - To be agreed on
      • Check-out
        14:00 - To be agreed on
      • Arrival allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
      • Departure allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
      Property rules
      • Pets allowed
      • Dog is allowed, but remember that it is a leash.

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      Kjetevatn, Norway

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