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Følvika Eye

Max. 2 people per unit - Size 20 m2
Provided accommodation, Glampsite, Farm, Eco-friendly, Family friendly, Incredible view, Surrounded by nature
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Accommodation description
Følvika Eye is a glass dome with a 360-degree view. In the middle of nature, in the middle of the weather, but at the same time good and warm in the dome. Double bed with delicious down duvets and luxury bed linen from Abate. An extra mattress/folding bed can be inserted into the dome. Gas oven, fire pan and other cutlery you need. The nearest neighbor is the sea, and some moose, roe deer, otters, sea eagles and foxes.

The place is sheltered with sandy beaches, stones, shells, plenty of space for football, croquet or volleyball and badminton, and an exciting "magical forest" that can be explored. That makes Følvika Northern Retreat an eldorado for young and old. We can insert 1-2 extra beds/mattresses in both domains. We will be able to offer accommodation in a hammock, or you can bring your own. Campfires with a fire and fire pan are available. Bring firewood.

Apart from when the weather gods provide music to the ears, it is almost always quiet and calm. Here there is no noise or commotion unless you make it yourself. If you're lucky, an elk may stroll past, or a fox bark in the forest where he is forever on the hunt for food. The birdlife can during parts of the year provide a soundscape that for many is sleep-inducing. The same applies to wave splash or swells.

All facilities are of a good standard. Good beds, shower facilities (ask about this), fire pits and seating outside the door. Many people prefer to light a fire and lie down for hours enjoying the place with their loved ones or friends and acquaintances.
Accommodation type
Facilities accommodation
    Safety amenities accommodation
    • No smoke detector
    • No first aid kit
    • No safety box
    • Carbon monoxide detector
    • Fire extinguisher

    About the property

    Property description
    Peace and quiet in Følvika - your own paradise
    The property is located on a small peninsula by Følvikosen. We do not have a road to the house or domain, but you can walk or ride an ATV from the parking lot and the last 5-600 meters.
    With us you will find peace and quiet, while also being able to get close to nature. The property is located on a small peninsula by Følvikosen. The road from the car park goes over the rock, and it is narrow in several places. You can see clear traces of how previous generations have painstakingly laid stone upon stone to build the road over the rock. When we have to transport large items to the houses, we drive on the shore with a tractor. Then it is important to know the tide table. Fortunately, there is a handy ebb and flow app, which is frequently used.
    The place is south-west facing and we have good sun and light conditions. If you are driving from the mainland, from the inside of Sandhornøya, it is liberating to look over the mountain and see how the landscape opens up towards the sea and towards the sun. We can follow the course of the sun, and have perfect conditions for the midnight sun.
    We have two beautiful sandy beaches at our disposal, in addition to a pebble beach and rocky outcrops at the far end of the property. Here you can walk around and swim naked if you want. In summer, the water can reach 20 degrees in the sea, but most often it is 14-16 degrees. We still bathe/regardless. In winter, bathing is only relevant for hardhausers. Public law means that the shoreline is open to anyone who wants to, but there is a long way between casual visitors.
    We have two dogs that roam freely, without a motorway there is little to worry about. We have nature close by, several animal crossings where moose, roe deer, otters and foxes constantly pass, of great interest to the dogs. The animals keep coming back so we believe there is a mutual respect involved.
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      Activities nearby
      Canoeing and kayaking
      Fishing by Vectorstal
      Wildlife watching

      Property rules

      Booking rules
      • Check-in
        after 15:00
      • Check-out
        before 11:00
      • Arrival allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
      • Departure allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
      Property rules
      • Barbecue by Gregor CresnarBarbecue allowed
      • No events & parties allowed
      • Pets allowed
      • Wheelchair by Gregor CresnarNot wheelchair accessible


      Sandhornøy, Norway

      Meet Lill Hilde Kaldager

      Your host 0.0
      Lill Hilde & Ola are hosts in Følvika. The border terriers Kita and Zally have been important members of the family. Now it is Ronja, short-haired vorsteh and border terrier Fanny who are new leaves on the tribe. Kita was almost 16 years old and passed away on 13 March 2021. Zally disappeared without a trace on a walk in the fields in January 2022.
      Ronja came to us in November 2020 and Fanny came on 1 April 2022.
      Originally, the place was the childhood home of Lill Hilde's father, Haakon, but no one has lived here permanently since the end of the 1960s, until Lill Hilde and Ola took over the place in the early 2000s.
      The whole property was in the process of growing down. Many, many trees have been felled. In recent years, we have plowed the fields and brought out the cultural landscape. We are considering acquiring a few more animals that can keep the landscape open.