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Fantastiske Draumeplassen, Ørnereiret!

Max. 4 people per unit - Size 16 m2 - 1 bedroom
Provided accommodation, Glampsite, Eco-friendly, Family friendly, Private owner
Accommodation description
The eagle's nest is located close to Askrova's highest point, Skaratoppen. The eagle's nest is built on Draumeplassen from grant funds provided by 4H and Gjensidigestiftinga, it was built on a voluntary basis by Askrova Bygdelag. The eagle's nest is facing south with a 360 'view, one sees Svanøy in the east, Alden in the south, Kinn in the west and Florø in the north - all from the same place :) barbecue and fire place inside, fire place outside, outdoor toilet, equipment for children for exploration (magnifying glass, books, stationery, boxes), there is fishing equipment for freshwater fishing for 4pcs - 5min to walk to Hammarsethvannet. There is a small well near the cottage you can fetch water. Around the cabin there are hangings for 5 hammocks where you sleep under a rock hammer - dry but with a beautiful view! Accommodation and use is free, but vipps Askrova Bygdelag is happy to give you some symbolic kroner if you feel like it, then we can develop the place more with more facilities :) our vipps is *****.

At Askrova there is a playground, bicycle rental (4 pcs), kayak rental (2 pcs), climbing wall inside, exercise equipment in the village house. Feel free to explore Trollhola, this is a cave you can crawl into and explore different times.

The scenic island community just west of the sea in Kinn municipality consists of several small and large islands, where the two main islands Tansøy and the larger Askrova are connected by a small bridge. The small and idyllic pond at the top of Tansøy is a beautiful sight with the view out into the ocean gap in the background. The famous island of Alden is just a stone's throw away. By the pond is a canoe at guests' disposal.
The highest point on the island of Askrova is Skaratoppen with its 219 meters. The view of beautiful Valvika and the ocean is impeccable. You follow the marked nature trail all the way to the top, along the trail you will find a picnic area, barbecue area and fishing lake.
There are many great dive sites around Tansøy and Askrova. The most famous and popular place is on the south-east side of Tansøya, here is a German ship, Welheim, which was sunk during World War II. At the store, it is possible to fill air, hang equipment or borrow equipment if needed.
Pleasant and inclusive community
In total on Tansøy and Askrova there are 80 permanent residents, in the summer months there is a bustling crowd with more than 300 visitors. The scheduled boat to Florø with all goods, cars, passengers, goods and animals is in itself a curiosity, not to mention the natives who live permanently on the island. Have a chat with them at the store or when you meet them along the way, an experience you will soon forget.
The island probably has the country's most cozy convenience store with pub and Caribbean opening hours adapted to the natives and the scheduled boat. The shop is the very heart of the island, Magne behind the counter helps you with most things. The highlight of the week is Saturday at the arrival of the last scheduled boat, when the whole island gathers for an hour at the shop for weekend shopping and socializing. At some insignificant ski destinations you have après ski, the ladies on the island here have their own aftershopping. You will not want to miss this.
Welcome to the island where dreams come true.

Check out www.askrova.no for more information
Accommodation type
Facilities accommodation
    Safety amenities accommodation
    • No smoke detector
    • First aid kit
    • No safety box
    • No carbon monoxide detector
    • Fire extinguisher

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      Activities nearby
      Canoeing and kayaking
      Speedbike by Andreas Rondahl
      Fishing by Vectorstal
      National parks
      Snorkeling and scuba diving
      Secret tip
      At Askrova there is a lot of wildlife. From the cabin wall you will see Hare, Deer, Eagle and many other animals and birds! Do not pay in expensive judgments for Eagle Safari, here it is free and you are guaranteed to see eagles! :)

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        To be agreed on
      • Arrival allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
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        Monday to Sunday
      Property rules
      • Pets allowed
      • No events & parties allowed
      • Wheelchair by Gregor CresnarNot wheelchair accessible


      Tansøy, Norway

      Meet Askrova Bygdelag

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      Askrova Bygdelag is a voluntary organization that is run on a voluntary basis between the inhabitants of Askrova and Tansøy. We arrange for wit active outdoor life and good conditions for residents and tourists. We are constantly trying to renew ourselves and do exciting things on the islands :) we have lots of different offers for visitors, but if you need something feel free to contact us, *****