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Å Auge Tretopphytte

Max. 7 people per unit
Provided accommodation, Glampsite, Eco-friendly, Family friendly
Accommodation description
The wooden cabin combines the beautiful Norwegian nature with modern architecture, while you are 6 meters above the ground. Here you can relax from everyday life, get in touch with nature and have an experience you won't soon forget. Enjoy the view over the river Tessungåe and experience nature in a completely unique way!

The cabin is in many ways a traditional mountain cabin - water is fetched from the river and heated with a wood stove and candles must be lit in the evening. There are two sleeping alcoves, a sleeping loft, kitchen with gas burner and wet room for washing. The cabin is right down by the river bank, and you can fish from the terrace! It is a short walk from the car park to the cabin, with the option of driving almost all the way in if you have a lot to carry.

The kitchen is well equipped with kitchen utensils, there are also some dry goods such as salt, pepper and tea. Freezer elements are used to cool goods. We have two freezers located about 100 m from the wooden cabin. Here you can put the thawed coolants and pick up new ones. There are also opportunities to collect drinking water here. There isn't an oven in the cabin, so you have to plan for food that can be cooked on hobs.

There is a wet room with the possibility to wash oneself. The water is heated on a wood-burning stove and taken into the bathroom. There is also an "emergency toilet" inside the bathroom, this must be emptied if used. In the main, an outdoor toilet is used at the entrance to the wooden cabin.

All railings comply with Norwegian Building Code, but we recommend that children under 10 years of age should not stay alone in the wooden cabin. Dogs are allowed, but they must be kept away from beds and sofas, and smoking is also not allowed inside.

The cabin must be left clean and tidy, with all used bedding removed and placed on the floor.
Accommodation type
Facilities accommodation
    Safety amenities accommodation
    • Smoke detector
    • No first aid kit
    • No safety box
    • Carbon monoxide detector
    • Fire extinguisher

    About the property

    Property description
    Å Camp is located in beautiful Tessungdalen, a valley at the foot of the high mountain plateau Hardangervidda. Here, my family has run a forestry for several centuries, and Å Camp's unique accommodations were born out of a desire to show people how great the region is. With the help of family and friends, I have built and developed Å Camp, with the aim of creating a place that allows you to experience nature in an authentic, simple and affordable way.
    What is Å Camp?
    Å Camp gets its name from the local dialect, of which "Å" means river, which reflects Camp's unique location along the river Tessungåe. Å Camp goes is based on building a camp consisting of compact living spaces in the form of treetop cabins, microcabins and tents. The aim of the place is to create authentic nature experiences and a place where people can gather to develop their projects, experience and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This is a place to take a break from everyday life and experience nature in an authentic, simple and pleasant way .
    The overnight stay at Å Camp
    Staying in the unique cabins in raw untouched nature is definitely an experience in itself. The area has little tourism and it can feel like you have the place all to yourself. Here, the fresh mountain air, the relaxing sound of the river and the beautiful view will really give you peace of mind.
    You can choose between different types of accommodation including treetop cabins, micro houses and glamping tents. All accommodation at Å camp is so close to spectacular nature that it is almost possible to get there, all located along the idyllic Tessungåe. Each place has its own authentic feel with a focus on enjoying nature and the simple life. The architecture is minimalist and functionalist inspired by Nordic and Japanese design. Inside the camp, there is also a skate ramp that children and adults can play in. Without access to electricity and water, Å Camp uses nature's own resources and leaves a minimal footprint on nature. Find more information about each accommodation below.
    Aure Mikrohus: A unique place to stay in the shape of an octagonal micro house that is raised from the ground above the river. Although it is not built directly on trees, the post construction gives the feeling of a treetop cabin and that you live with the birds up on the tree branches. Å Camp's Aure cabin offers simple luxury in untouched nature with Asian-inspired seating solutions and full-length windows facing the river.
    Å Auge: The name means the eye of the river, which is clearly reflected in the thirteenth cabin's glimpsed window over the river - which gives the living room the best view ever. Treetop cabin has a sleeping alcove with a glass roof and two beds on the main floor. It has a "bath" where you can wash yourself with a wet room where you can wash yourself with water heated by a wood-burning stove and water from the river. Otherwise, there is an outdoor patio, a small kitchen and a wood stove. Despite its aesthetic luxury, you have to appreciate the little things, water is fetched from the river, and in the evening you have to light candles.
    Søyve Microhouse: Simple microhouse with room for 3 people. Here, the simple life is really in focus with a simply furnished cabin with bed and fireplace, right down by the river. Inside you have a bedroom and a wood-burning stove, while the terrace has a great living area. Next to the micro-house you have a kitchen and outhouse. By the river outside, you have a fantastic swimming area with both a wood-fired bath and a hot tub.
    Glamping tents: The glamping tents at Å Camp are the ones that bring you closest to nature. The tent is comfortably situated on a grassy plain where the river sneaks past. The tents are comfortably furnished with a double bed, wood stove and lighting. Here you have access to a common area with a common kitchen and dining area, hammocks and a campfire.
    In addition, Å Camp has deployed a number of outdoor bathtubs along the river which are heated with a burning fire under the tub. The method is manual, you fill the tub yourself and adjust the temperature along the way, the result is a very special experience out of the ordinary. Perfect for a romantic break.
    The area and nature
    The camp is located on a small plateau of almost untouched nature but a number of activity opportunities in the mountains, forest and water. The nature at Å Camp is almost overwhelming, surrounded by Norway's mountain eldorado, you see a mountain peak almost everywhere you look. The river Tessungåe is almost the most impressive, it is wide and rocky with unique swimming pools, the sound of running water will give a pleasant relaxed feeling during your stay.
    Experiences around Å Camp
    Å Camp is certainly a place that can be used all year round, but with easy access to a number of activities.
    In the summer you can easily go up to Hardangervidda from Å Camp. There is an adventurous path along the river Jota, be sure to take a breather at the Jotefoss waterfall. When you reach the plateau, you have the entire Hardangervidda at your feet. There are also wonderful nearby swimming opportunities in the river. Check out the Bergehølen bathing area right next to Å Camp and the Teppet / Fjellerudsklia bathing area. Take a trip to the natural "water park" Røyslandsbergo, with natural water slides and potholes. It is a short distance to Norway's third largest mountain, Gaustatoppen, which can be enjoyed both in summer and winter.
    Tessungdalen is known for having fantastic conditions for kitesurfing on snow in winter, such as on Imingfjell, Dagalifjell and Vegglifjell. There are several local players who take beginner kiting courses in Tessungdalen. In winter, there are also countless opportunities for cross-country skiing, powder skiing and randonee tours nearby.
    Facilities property


      Activities nearby
      Canoeing and kayaking
      Speedbike by Andreas Rondahl
      Fishing by Vectorstal
      National parks
      Skiing and snowboarding

      Property rules

      Booking rules
      • Check-in
        16:00 - 20:00
      • Check-out
        To be agreed on - 12:00
      • Arrival allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
      • Departure allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
      Property rules
      • No events & parties allowed
      • Pets allowed
      • Wheelchair by Gregor CresnarNot wheelchair accessible
      • Smoking is not permitted. Please leave the premises clean and tidy, and put used bedding together on the floor.

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