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Comfortable bell tent for a calm and relaxing stay - Secret Garden

Max. 2 people per unit - 1 bedroom
Provided accommodation, Glampsite, Eco-friendly, Family friendly
Accommodation description
Unplug at this picturesque view, by the river, Surrounded by mountains and the chirping of birds. Pitch your tent, put on your hiking boots, and summit one of the many peaks within walking distance. Or you could take it easy and spend the day swimming in the river located at the entrace of the park. As the sun sets and the stars come out, cozy up at our "Zula" and relax into your peaceful surroundings or watch an outdoor cinema with us. The property feels completely off the grid, but if you forgot to pack your toothbrush, don’t worry: there’s a small convenience shop just a minute walking
Accommodation type
Bell tent
Facilities accommodation
    Safety amenities accommodation
    • No smoke detector
    • No first aid kit
    • No safety box
    • No carbon monoxide detector
    • Fire extinguisher

    About the property

    Property description
    Since opening our doors, A PONTE-SECRET GARDEN has achieved a perfect balance between perfect luxury and simple convenience. Right under buetiful and historical bridge, we provide everything you need to enjoy your stay.
    Facilities property


      Activities nearby
      Canoeing and kayaking
      Speedbike by Andreas Rondahl
      Fishing by Vectorstal
      Stand up paddling
      Sailing and boating
      Spa and wellness
      Wine tasting by Made
      Wine tasting
      Church by Michael Weibel
      Secret tip
      We have lots of secrets to share with you - From tantra classes to cycling and running in the mountains.
      Just bring your own good vibe and you will get it all.

      Property rules

      Booking rules
      • Check-in
        after 15:00
      • Check-out
        before 11:00
      • Arrival allowed on
        Monday to Sunday
      • Departure allowed on
        Monday to Sunday


      Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal

      Meet Moshe & Osher Secret Garden

      Your host 0.0
      This is our healing place 
      By the Alva river and between the mountains of the Serra do Açor.
      This is your gateaway.