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Cabane Kyara 3 Pers.

Max. 3 people per unit
Provided accommodation
Accommodation description
A small Blue cabin for 2 adults and a child
Accommodation type

About the property

Property description
Let yourself be seduced by the _glamping_ spirit in Champagne!
The Village de la Champagne invites you to an exceptional stay in a wooded setting just a few steps from the town center of Bar-sur-Aube, rich in many shops.
On site, you will appreciate the tranquility of the place and the quality of the infrastructures: indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, clubhouse...
Located just a few minutes from the Nigloland amusement park and the great lakes, the site is ideal for family getaways, but it will also satisfy couples or groups of friends who can enjoy discovering the Champagne vineyards and why not the famous factory outlets in Troyes...
Facilities property


    Activities nearby
    Canoeing and kayaking
    Speedbike by Andreas Rondahl
    Fishing by Vectorstal
    Sailing and boating
    Spa and wellness

    Property rules

    Booking rules
    • Check-in
      16:00 - 19:00
    • Check-out
      To be agreed on
    • Arrival allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    • Departure allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    Property rules
    • Pets allowed
    • Wheelchair by Gregor CresnarWheelchair accessible


    Bar sur Aube, FR

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