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Ny Vestermarks autocamperpladser

Max. 6 people per unit
Camping spot, RV park, Farm, Eco-friendly, Family friendly
Camping spot description
Would you like to park your motorhome or caravan in a place free of car noise and close neighbors? Then Ny Vestermark is just the place.

With a view of the forest and grazing cattle, the cuckoo's cock in the distance and perhaps a little miss visiting, one can only relax. You can go for a walk on the farm, look in to the farmer as he feeds his animals, taste a little of the berries in the garden and enjoy all the different flowers in the large garden. In the evening you can light a fire and enjoy the last birdsong before the nightingale takes over and sings us to sleep.

 Motorhome pitches: {/ b}

Ny Vestermark has several places with plenty of space to camp, both motorhome and car with caravan.
Price for an overnight stay: DKK 100, - with water filling and waste emptying
Electricity, shower and toilet, sewage drainage and access to washing machine can be purchased.
Pets are allowed.
We live centrally in terms of cities: 5 km. to a small town with grocery store (Øster Brønderslev) and 10 km. to Brønderslev, where you will find shops and restaurants.

 Bondegården: {/ b}

Ny Vestermark is a small farm with fattening bulls for slaughter and a small herd of Herford and Simentaler who go and decorate the landscape. Plus 20-30 laying hens, 7-8 farm cats and two dogs. An old short-haired chicken dog and a young short-haired chicken dog. There are approx. 45 ha of land for the farm, half of which is perennial grass and forest and the rest is for grain / silage.

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    Church by Michael Weibel

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    • Pets allowed
    • No events & parties allowed
    • Wheelchair by Gregor CresnarNot wheelchair accessible


    Brønderslev, Denmark

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