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Bobil/ Motorhome/ Wohnmobil ved Gudbrandsdalslågen i Ringebu

Max. 6 people per unit
Camping spot, RV park
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Accommodation in beautiful surroundings in the middle of Gudbrandsdalen with a short distance to beautiful mountains and rich natural and cultural experiences
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Property description
Elstad Camping is an idyllic family campsite along the Gudbradsdalslågen, strategically and beautifully located midway between Oslo and Trondheim. The campsite is idyllically located all the way down along the river, only four kilometers south of the village of Ringebu. The campsite is medium-sized surrounded by beautiful nature and a cultural landscape. Most pitches at Elstad Camping are for spontaneous travellers, as a great and practical stop on your Norwegian holiday. Elstad camping wants to be a nature camping in harmony with nature, in contrast to larger cramped campsites, there are no numbered pitches so visitors can choose where they want to camp on the large nature plot.

The campsite has a lot of open space, which gives plenty of space between tents, cars and caravans, especially outside the communal holidays. For larger motorhomes that want electricity, there are large dedicated pitches with a view of the river and a great paving in front. Otherwise, the campsite has a modern and clean sanitary building with a shared kitchen, toilet and shower, washing machine and dryer. You will also find an emptying station for motorhomes, water refilling and a small kiosk with sales in high season. Along the river there is a great swimming area, as well as a volleyball court, a football pitch and a small playground for the little ones.

Elstad camping - part of cultural history

Elstad camping has been a natural stop for travelers in Gudbrandsdalen for several centuries. Ever since the 18th century, Elstad farm has run an inn. The farm that now runs Elstad Camping was home to Henrik Ibsen himself in 1862. He was very inspired by the beautiful natural landscape and made a drawing himself of the fantastic view towards Kvitfjell, which he later published in a newspaper in Christiana with the caption "as a stopping place for travelers Elstad cannot be praised enough, it is 5 miles from Lillehammer and on the new Chaussee you travel with Dilligencen both conveniently and cheaply. Excellent people and good hospitality will be found here, yes, even a well-appointed Styrteba".

Despite its great location along the river, the location has also had its challenges and has historically been affected by a number of flood disasters. The largest in 1958, when all cultivated land was washed into the lake during a major flood. It was this disaster that became the breeding ground for today's Elstad Camping, when the farmer at Elstad – Hans Forbrigd needed to think again and started an accommodation offer on the empty plot, which quickly caught the interest of both local and international guests. Since then, Elstad Camping has been in the family and is being further developed through generations.

In recent years, the campsite has suffered extensive damage during the floods in 2011 and 2013, of which the owner has reinvested a lot in the campsite in order to continue to offer visitors the great campsite along Gudbrandsdalslågen.

Things to do near Elstad Camping

Elstad Camping is fantastically located at the bottom of the valley surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and valleys on all sides. Just south of the campsite you will find the Alpine facility Kvitfjell, while the national park Rondane is just northeast of Ringebu. On Ringebufjellet there are great walks and fishing areas all year round.

In the village of Ringebu you will find sales of high-quality local food as well as a number of activity providers and guides. We recommend visiting the famous bakery Hev Ringebu, as well as Norway's best-known butchery Annis, which has its original outlet in Ringebu. If you are interested in activities in the local area, Værfast offers summit tours, bike hire and water sports all year round. Dølabike rents out bicycles from 1 May to 31 October.

In the summer, you can go rafting a little further up the valley in Sjoa or Sjåk. Or go on spectacular mountain tours in Rondane.

Just behind Elstad Camping you can go to the viewpoint "Tankeplass" on Høgkleiva, with a fantastic view of the river and sculptures by the artist Ånon Verst. The site is only a three km walk from the campsite.

If it's still frosty, it's worth going a few kilometers south to see the natural Iskjørkja in Fåvang. Every winter a spectacular ice phenomenon forms in the river Tromsa at the bottom of the valley, the wonderful natural ice castle has been a local "hidden gem" for many years.
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    Canoeing and kayaking
    Speedbike by Andreas Rondahl
    Fishing by Vectorstal
    Horse by Made
    Horse riding
    National parks
    Stand up paddling
    Church by Michael Weibel

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    Ringebu, Norway

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