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Autocaravana 7m max. 2/6 pers.

Max. 6 people per unit
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Property description
Disfruta de unas vacaciones rodeado de naturaleza, con todas las comodidades del Glamping, disfruta de tus vacaciones, aparca tu autocaravana en el centro de Lloret de Mar.
Facilities property


    Activities nearby
    Canoeing and kayaking
    Snorkeling and scuba diving

    Property rules

    Booking rules
    • Check-in
      To be agreed on
    • Check-out
      To be agreed on
    • Arrival allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    • Departure allowed on
      Monday to Sunday
    Property rules
    • Pets allowed


    Lloret de Mar, ES

    Meet Francisca Pereira Sánchez

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