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Treehouse under the northern lights in Norway

Treehouses in Norway

Explore unique treehouse stays in spectacular Norwegian nature.

What are treehouse stays in Norway like?

Treehouse stays in Norway provide a unique and unforgettable experience. These accommodations, typically constructed from eco-friendly and sustainable materials like wood, ropes, and bolts, are carefully nestled amongst Norway's magnificent trees. They come in an array of styles and sizes to cater to various preferences and needs, accommodating anywhere from one to ten people, making them suitable for solo travelers, couples, families, or larger groups.

In terms of amenities, treehouses in Norway offer a range that caters to both simplicity and luxury. From fire pits, outdoor showers, lounging areas, and balconies to hot tubs and saunas, each treehouse is unique in its offering. Some treehouses exude luxury and expansiveness, perfect for larger groups and equipped with lavish features like hot tubs. Others are created with a focus on sustainable living and artistic design, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Minimalist and functional treehouses offer an efficient, compact space that covers all essential needs, while more primitive, yet sleek treehouses propose a stylish back-to-basics approach to outdoor living.

Authentic treehouse in the south of Norway

Situated amidst Norway's diverse landscape, from the rugged coastline to the enchanting woods, treehouses provide an idyllic setting. They offer guests the opportunity to experience the country's pristine and awe-inspiring nature first-hand. Imagine waking up to the melody of bird songs or watching the sunset over a tranquil fjord from your balcony, these stays allow for an intimate connection with the Norwegian nature.

A treehouse stay in Norway, whether with a partner, friends, or family, offers an unmatched perspective of the country's exceptional landscapes. Regardless of whether you seek a romantic getaway, an adventurous family vacation, a luxurious retreat, or a minimalist nature immersion, a treehouse in Norway provides an extraordinary and memorable experience.

Luxurious treehouse by a river in Norway

Different Types of Treehouses in Norway

Small treehouse in woods

Basic Treehouses:

These cabins employ simple designs, similar to common childhood treehouses found in backyards. Treehouses are constructed using the tree itself as the structure and support. A good example of this type of treehouse in Norway is the birdbox treehouse in Trønderlag.

A luxury treehouse with hottub in norway

Luxury Treehouses in Norway:

A larger and more luxurious version of treehouses usually includes glamping facilities like a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen. Sometimes, they are complete houses and often have room for a whole group of friends. The exclusive treehouse outside Kristiansand has all the amenities, a jacuzzi, and space for 6 people. The Chalet treehouse over Bømlo even features a suspended queen-size bed, right up under the roof.

Norways tallest treehouse is a treehouses on stilts

Treehouses on Stilts:

This is a type of treehouse that is built on stilts to better support the structure in the treetops. This makes it easier to construct large structures high up in the trees or is well suited if the forest has smaller trees, providing additional structural support. This 10-meter high treehouse in Brumunddal, for instance, is supported by stilts, as is a treehouse in a low walnut forest in France.

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Frequently asked questions about treehouse stays in Norway

What is the average cost to stay in a treehouse in Norway?

The average cost to stay in a treehouse is around 2000 NOK per night, depending on the facilities and the size of the cabin. The most expensive ones can go up to 4500 NOK per night for the entire cabin. During the high season, such as holidays and summer months, the prices usually increase to an average of about 700 NOK per night. The cheapest season to stay in a treehouse is during November, with an average of 1750 NOK per night for a weekend stay. Some treehouses offer discounted rates for midweek stays, early bookings, and long-term bookings.

What should I bring when staying in a treehouse in Norway?

Bring warm clothes, good shoes, toiletries, and games or other entertainment. It can get a little colder up in the trees and more windy. Use a backpack and pack as lightly as possible if you have to climb up. Depending on the facilities offered in the treehouse, you may need to bring your own towels, bed linen, and food. If the listing does not mention what is included, ask the owner before arrival.

Is it safe to book a treehouse with children?

Depending on the external structure and as long as some safety rules are followed, it is safe to stay in a treehouse with children. Due to the height that the structure might have, adult supervision is recommended while they are on the terrace or near windows.

Are treehouses in Norway harmful to trees?

Large trees can often bear the extra weight of a treehouse. Whether a treehouse harms a tree largely depends on the way the cabin is designed and built into the tree. When done correctly, treehouses are low-impact structures with minimal environmental impact.